Chia Seed Lab

by Davis and Patrick

Purpose and Research

Our purpose was to see if putting in radish seeds affected the growth of chia seeds. We found that radish seeds grew similar to chia seeds and that it might help both of them to grow

Hypothesis and Variables


If we put a similar plant(radishes)with the chia seeds then we think it should grow better because it is used to growing in it’s habitat with similar plants.

Independent Variable= the different seeds

Dependent Variable= height of plants in cm

Control Variable= Container Water seeds soil

Extraneous Variable= weather nutritious soil

Set up of the lab and what we took our data on

We planted our 6 chia seeds in pot A and our 3 radish and 3 chia seeds separately in pot B. Then, we watered them daily with 40 ml of water. Then we recorded our results on the plant height in centimeters.


Day one after sprouts= Plant A 2.3 cm and plant B 2.5

Day two= Plant A= 4 and plant B= 3.5

Day three= plant A= 5.5 and plant b=4.5


The effect of chia seeds being mixed with radish seeds actually made the plants grow faster at first but in the long run the just chia seed pot grew higher. We can conclude that mixing chia seeds and radish seeds doesn't make it grow faster or higher

Further knowledge

To further our experiment we could see if the chia seeds grow better with a plant that does not grow similar. See if the chia seeds grow better with a plant that grows similar or different. As if the radish grew vary similar to the chia seeds.