Eagle Eye E-News May 2-May 6

Ebinport Elementary Faculty and Staff E-News

Ebinport's Vision Statement

Alongside families and our community, we are cultivating and nurturing lifelong learners to excel in an interdependent global society.


What's Coming Up This Week?

Monday- Teacher Appreciation from PTO: Strawberry Shortcake
  • K-2 Walking Finale, Ms. Belk has final schedule
  • 8:50-9:50 5th Grade Related Arts Enrichment (If Ms. Rutledge is out, please split yourselves accordingly)
  • 12:40 Rhonda Interviews Long Term Sub
  • 2:45 Website Meeting

Tuesday- Teacher Appreciation from PTO: Charanda's Caters Lunch

  • Last day for K-2 MAP Testing
  • Vocabulary Bowl
  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night
  • K-2 Walking Finale, Ms. Belk has final schedule
  • 8:30 Front Office Meeting
  • 3:00 Committee Meetings (Last of the Year)
  • 6:30 Beta Club Induction

Wednesday-Teacher Appreciation from PTO: A Special Treat

  • Grade Level Meetings in Conference Room
  • 3-5 MAP Testing Window Opens
  • Vocabulary Bowl

- Teacher Appreciation from PTO: Full Breakfast
  • 3:00 R2S Foundations Class
  • 3:00 Ms. D.Bailey, Allison, J. Wilson, VanderMolen, Perez and Riley meet Mrs. Kelsey in the conference room.

Friday- Teacher Appreciation from PTO: A special treat from PTO and a special treat from Rhonda and Brian

  • 9:00 Terrific Kid

Future Events

  • May 14 PE Color Run
  • May 16 School Board Community Visit
  • May 19 8-11:30 K and 1 Essential Learning Meeting
  • May 19 11:30-3:00 4 and 5 Essential Learning Meeting
  • May 23 8-11:30 2nd and 3rd Essential Learning Meeting
  • May 23 11:30-3:00 3rd and 4th Essential Learning Meeting
  • May 26 – Field Day K-2

  • May 26- 7:30 AM Volunteer Breakfast
  • May 27 9:00 Kindergarten Program
  • May 27 11:30-3:00 1st and 2nd Essential Learning Meeting
  • May 30, 31 and June 1- Final SLO Meetings
  • May 31 – Field Day 3-5

  • June 2 8:30 Fifth Grade Graduation
  • June 2 1:00-2:00 K-1 Placement Meeting (K and 1 Teachers Should Attend)
  • June 2 2:00-3:00 3-4 Placement Meeting (3 and 4 teachers should attend)
  • June 3 8:15-9:15 1-2 Placement Meeting (1 and 2 teachers should attend)
  • June 3 9:30-10:30 4-5 Placement Meeting (4 and 5 teachers should attend)
  • June 3 10:45-11:45 2-3 Placement Meeting (2 and 3 teachers should attend)
  • July 20 and July 21 SAVE THE DATE! RHSD Professional Development Days

Cast your vote now for the gender of Mrs. Kelsey's Baby! She will reveal next week!

Employee Dress Code

Please familiarize yourself regarding the employee dress code. The weather is getting warmer, however, our dress should remain professional. Those violating the dress code will be asked to go home and change and return to school. Please do not force us to address individuals regarding dress, we have already had several complaints about employee dress. Our reputation is important and the first thing people see is our appearance.

Employee Dress Code
Rock Hill Schools is responsible for educating children to prepare them for successful and useful roles in our society. It’s the responsibility of all employees to serve as role models for students and present a positive, professional image in attitude, language, behavior, grooming, and dress. Appropriate dress is a rational means of promoting respect for authority, traditional values, and discipline.

All personnel working within schools and offices (employees, substitutes, guest instructors, college students, interns, and volunteers) are expected to dress commensurate to their work assignments to promote an environment that is conducive to learning. All employees must wear district-issued identification badges.
Employees who are meeting with parents and other guests in the schools, or who are in continual contact with students, shall present themselves during the instructional day in accordance with the following guidelines and other standards deemed appropriate by the administration in individual schools:

• dress shirt or sport shirt with collar, sweaters, sweater vests, slacks, shoes (except sandals)
with socks
• clean and well-groomed hair, including facial hair

• slacks, capri or crop pants, skirts (no shorter than 2 inches above top of knee), dresses, jumpers, blouses, sweaters, collared shirts (Tops without collars are acceptable if they compliment other attire being worn and are not too casual.)
• clean and well-groomed hair

Shoes: Employees should wear shoes at all times that provide support and protection. While athletic-type shoes are not preferred, they are acceptable if they are neat, clean and compliment other attire being worn.* Sandals, preferably with backs, are acceptable; however, beach-type shoes, such as flip-flops, shower shoes, and plastic shoes, as well as house or bedroom-style shoes, are not appropriate. Footwear for medical purposes will be approved on an individual basis. (*Athletic-type shoes are inappropriate for office personnel.)

Inappropriate dress or personal grooming includes, but is not limited to*:
• clothes that are too tight or too loose
• denim jeans of all colors and leggings or tights (except under skirts, dresses, jumpers—no tunics)
• shorts of any length, cargo pants, exercise clothing or warm-up pants or suits, sweat or tee
shirts, bib overalls
• work clothes (except for specific assignments such as for labs, gym, field trips, designated spirit days, or workdays when parents won’t be present)
• camouflage, muscle shirts, or clothing and accessories with slogans that are suggestive of drugs, alcohol, sex, or obscenities
• provocative clothing (thin straps, halter or tube tops, strapless, too tight, too short, revealing cleavage, showing undergarments, or clothes that show one's waist, back or hip area in any type of work situation)
• display of tattoos that are controversial in language or image
• body piercings other than ear

For Your Newsletter: Please add this to your weekly parent communication

The Ebinport SIC is looking to fill some vacant Parent positions:

The Ebinport School Improvement Council, known as the SIC, is a group of advisors who give their feedback and opinions to the school principal. They also lead initiatives towards the ultimate goal of school improvement. It is made up of parents, teachers and community members. The group meets once a month at Ebinport for one hour. Sometimes members are asked to attend or help plan some events towards the groups’ goals/initiatives. This group is not allowed by law to do any fundraising (only support) or handle monetary funds. This Ebinport group won the Riley Award for school excellence from SC SIC among entries from schools all over the state in 2016.

Some possible goals & initiatives to continue next year:


1.) Increase membership of parents who have non-immersion students from 0 to 2 members next year and to 4 the following year

2.) Diversify our membership so that it more closely represents the school community that the SIC serves

3.) Increase readership or 'opens' of school Enews from 40% to 45%

4.) Hold 2 positive parenting sessions in fall and 2 in spring


Continue: Learning Gardens, Supporting Eagle Eyes, EbinPAWS, Men of Character, Walk to School Day, & Social-Emotional Learning program to complement PBIS next year.

Contact the front office at 803-981-1550 if you are interested or email Principal Kelsey at rkelsey@rhmail.org

Master Keys

Students should never be given a master key. If you decide to give a student your classroom key, you are responsible if something happens.