Afghanistan Vs. Superpowers

Introduction On Afghanistan Against the Soviet Union and the United States

Ever since the 1800's Russia and Britain had competed for Afghanistan for its own advantages , even though Britain eventually left by 1919. After that event, the country declared itself as independent and was now an established monarchy. However the country wanted a more democratic government and officials could not agree on a reform program and the plan failed. As Cold War tensions grew on Afghanistan stayed neutral against the 2 superpowers. The Soviet overthrew Afghanistan and became communist, the people of the country were not pleased because it policies of Communism would conflict with their religious teachings, Islam. Later a war between the 2 countries have begun and the Afghan rebels fought hard enough to make the Soviet troops pullout of the war. After the withdrawl, rebel groups battled each other for control of the country. As the battle of the rebels ended, the Taliban rose as the leaders of the country, making Afghanistan a very strict Islamic state to the extreme and making the country a threat to other countries with world terrorism. Led by terrorist leader, al-Qaeda, a huge war between Afghanistan and the United States continues on today, but the United States will soon make the country a better place.

Conflict between Soviet Union and Afghanistan

When the Soviet seized control of the country, the mujahideen were on the rise and were ready to fight against the Soviet. The mujahideen were groups of rebellious forces coming together to fight against the Soviet, the two rebel groups that fought against them were the Peshawar Seven and the Tehran Eight. The war between the two started in the December of 1979 and ended 9 years later in February of 1989. As the war started, the mujahideen were the obvious underdogs and didn't stand a chance. However, they received billions of dollars from many countries including China and the U.S. Not only did the Afghan rebels get financial and military aid but they had a huge advantage because used the land in the country to help and also they used Guerrilla tactics to succeed. After 9 years of no one winning the battle, the Soviet finally decided to pull all of the troops out of the country. The final result of this war is millions of Afghani citizens fleeing the country, hundreds of thousand civilians dead , and lastly, the rise of the Taliban.

U.S. War in Afghanistan

As soon as the Soviets withdrew their troops, rebel groups were trying to get control of the country. As the rebel groups fought, the Taliban rose to victory and controlled 90 % of the country and the other 10 % was owned by the Northern Alliance. The Taliban were a conservative and very strict Islamic group that made Afghanistan a very strict islamic society. Women could not get jobs or go to school, television, music were banned and many other rules were into play as well. Violation of these rules resulted in severe beatings, amputations and even executions. The Taliban also was a huge threat to world terrorism, especially for the western part of society. Terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, formerly known as ex-CIA agent, led al-Qaeda to the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Right after the tragic event the U.S. demanded they Taliban turns bin Laden but refused, which caused the U.S. to take military action. In the October of 2001, the U.S. military started to bomb Taliban air forces and any place affiliated with al-Qaeda. "The U.S. also got assistance from anti-Taliban forces like the Northern alliance and by December they had driven the Taliban from power". After they drove them from power the U.S. put military bases in every major city in order to sustain "safety".

After they were driven from power most of the Taliban had fled to Pakistan and other countries surrounding Afghanistan and Afghanistan had elected a new president in 2004 named Hamid Karzai. He tried to rebuild the country from the warfare they had been in but, the Taliban came back in 2006 very strongly, they partook in guerrilla raids along the countryside , suicide attacks, air raids, and essentially the Afghan government. The U.S. responded by doing a drone attack which eventually led to the insurgency of Waziristan. This called for NATO troops to come into Afghanistan which caused warfare between the Taliban and NATO forces. After years of trying to find Osama bin Laden the U.S. finally killed him on May 2, 2011. This led to NATO forces leaving the country as well. The final result of this war was around 150,000 humans dead and not much was gained from either side.

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Are We In Afghanistan because of al-Qaeda Or Because Afghanistan Is Sitting On One of the World's Greatest Mineral Reserves?

In my own opinion, we are not in Afghanistan to make sure they have a democratic government, or because of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda , but because of the mineral reserve shown in the picture. The mineral reserve sitting on Afghanistan has a very high amount of value. The reserve has up to trillions of dollars in oil, lithium, iron ore, copper, and other valuable minerals. These minerals bring a huge profit to the United States, that I assume whom keep it all privately. Another reason why we are in there because of the Poppy fields that the U.S. army has on lock down and control of, but why? They are on those fields to because Poppy seeds contain a good amount of opium which is used in Heroine and other drugs. Now this may sound silly but it's the truth. The truth is that the big private banks, such as the Federal Reserve, give the biggest drug cartels in the U.S. and Mexico the Opium's that are contained in the Poppy seeds. It's sad, but to me, it's the truth, that all the blood bath in Afghanistan over the years is over this.
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