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Northern Region Teacher Shout Out

Northern Region TEACHER of the WEEK: Jenn Johnson

Jenn Johnson is a 6th Grade Math teacher at Wisconsin Virtual Academy. Her students are on the microphone within the first minute of the lesson, and the warm-up included moveable objects related to THE SUPERBOWL, all while being relevant to number lines.

The NORTHERN REGION TEACHER TOOLBOX - Usernames & Passwords are on the way!

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Nancy Lemmon

Namcy Lemmon is a 3rd Grade Reading teacher at Ohio Virtual Academy. She is a true master of creating a safe and interactive online classroom environment. Her small group includes nearly everyone on the microphone, and you even get a true sense of these students' personalities. This recording reminded me of what it is like to be in the B&M with students, and that is a GOOD thing!

MVCA Special Education Spotlight

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About Summer

Summer Shelton is the Instructional Specialist for the Northern Region. She loves technology, teaching, and really great lattes. She is here to support the teachers and coaches of the NR by promoting best practices in online instruction.