Travelers Guide: Guadeloupe

A French Overseas Department

Joined United Nations on Oct. 24, 1945

General Facts: Guadeloupe

  • Capital City: Basse-Terre (12,748 pop.)

  • Population: 406,000 (2014 est.)

  • Currency: Euro

  • Ethnicity: Black African / French-African-Indian Ancestry 71%, from Tamil Nadu and other parts of India 15%, White 9%, Lebanese and Syrians 2%, Chinese and others 3%

  • Language: French (official) 99%, most locals also speak Creole

  • Largest Cities: Les Abymes, Baie-Mahault, Le Gosier, Petit-Bourg, Sainte-Anne, Le Moule, Sainte-Rose, Capesterre-Belle-Eau, Pointe-à-Pitre, Lamentin

  • Religion: Roman Catholic 86%, Protestant 5%, Hindu / African 4%, Jehovah's Witnesses 2%


In November of 1493, Christopher Columbus visited the two main islands, together known as Karukera, Island of Beautiful Waters. This island included Caribs, who had replaced the original Arawak tribe. Columbus declared the territory to Our Lady of Guadalupe of Extremadura in Spain, from who it takes its name.

French colonization began in 1635, and in 1674, Guadeloupe became part of the domain of France.

Trade with USA

Guadeloupe maintains regular air and sea links with France and with North America. The port of Pointe-à-Pitre is supplied with items to handle goods of minerals, sugar, and cereals. The port of Basse-Terre specializes in the banana export trade. Guadeloupe’s international airport is located north of Pointe-à-Pitre, as well as airports on the smaller islands. Local steamers connect Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre with the other islands of Guadeloupe. The road system on the main islands is kept in great condition. There are no railroads in Guadeloupe.


-Political status overseas department/overseas region (France) with two legislative houses (General Council/Regional Council)

-Head of state: President of France: Francois Hollande

-Heads of government Prefect (for France): Marcelle Pierrot

-President of the General Council (for Guadeloupe): Jacques Gillot

-President of the Regional Council (for Guadeloupe): Josette Borel-Lincertin

-Apart of the French Judicial System

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Jacques Gillot

- President of the General Council since March 26, 2001

Daily Life

-Food comes from Amerindian, African, East Indian, and French cultural influences. Traditional foods include manioc flour, root crops, breadfruit, avocado, green bananas, peas and beans, okra, curried meats, salted codfish, fish, and tropical fruits.

-Social rank is based on education, professional orientation, culture, and wealth.

-Children participate very early in family life and have responsibilities that vary with age and gender. School is required by law from ages two to sixteen. Education is highly valued as a means of social mobility.

Fun Facts

-The volcano Soufrière (4,813 ft; 1,467 m), also called La Grande Soufrière, is the highest point in Guadeloupe.

-Agriculture: bananas, sugarcane, tropical fruits and vegetables; cattle, pigs, goats.

-Industries: construction, cement, rum, sugar, tourism.

-Natural resources: cultivable land, beaches and climate that foster tourism.

-National Holiday: Bastille Day, 14 July

-Guadeloupe is an archipelago of eight inhabited islands in the Lesser Antilles, between the tropical Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.

-Babies are baptized after just a few months being born

Tourist Attractions

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