Lynnfield School Nurses

Back to School Health and Safety Updates

We hope everyone had a healthy and relaxing summer and found opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy the warm weather and reconnect with family and friends. The School Health Offices are open and ready to welcome all our students returning this year!

We welcome a few additions to the nursing team. Toni Rebelo, is expanding her role to full time Nurse Coordinator for the district. She will be focusing on implementing the COVID-19 protocols that the DESE has put in place for this school year including our new testing programs. We are excited to have Suzy DePalma, MSN, RN and Caitlin McCarthy, BSN, RN as the HHS nurses this year. They are replacing Laura Sullivan, who has made the decision to retire. Suzy and Caitlin were the substitute nurses at HHS last year and are ready to co captain the health office at HHS. In addition, Heatha Schena, who has been tirelessly subbing in the health offices and assisting in our vaccination clinics, will continue in this role with the nursing department this year.

In light of the continuing pandemic, it is important that our students and families adhere to the COVID-19 protocols and health and safety guidelines in order to keep both students and staff safely in school. It is imperative that you continue to keep your students home if they have symptoms related to COVID-19 and have them tested accordingly. If your student is going to be absent from school due to COVID-19 symptoms, please leave this information in a detailed message on the your buildings absentee line. This year your building nurses will be your point of contact for COVID-19 related absences and dismissals. All symptomatic students will need to present their building nurse a negative COVID-19 test and be cleared by that nurse before coming back to the school buildings. If your student tests positive for COVID-19, please notify Toni Rebelo and your building principal immediately. Our COVID-19 dashboard is up and running again this year on the LPS website. Please visit it to access all of our important protocol documents for the year.


In an effort to continue to keep students safe, healthy, and in school, the DESE is offering 3 different testing programs for school districts to partake in. We will be participating in 2 of them; Test and Stay, and Symptomatic Testing. In order for your student to partake in these testing programs, you must fill out a consent form. Please fill out the digital consent form here for each of your students. Both of these testing programs are outlined in our protocol documents on our COVID dashboard.


Please notify your students school nurse of any health concerns. It is important that we are informed of any allergies, respiratory or other health concerns that may affect your student

during the school day.


We will be reaching out to you if your student reports to the clinic with COVID symptoms during their school day. We are carefully following the list of COVID symptoms provided by the CDC and the DESE. This complete list can be found in our documents on our COVID-19 dashboard. Please do NOT send your student to school if they are ill . We are carefully complying with the CDC/DESE recommendations in an effort to keep our school community safe and in person learning.

We remind you to provide the school with at least three emergency contact persons who can pick up your child within 30 minutes if needed during the school day.

Medication at School

ALL medication orders (including Epipen orders) must be renewed by the physician at the beginning of each school year. All medications must be brought to the Health Office in the original pharmacy labeled container. Students may NOT carry any medications, including Tylenol and inhalers, without a doctor’s order. Your school nurse will provide you with these documents.


Immunization policy adherence is more important than ever, as well as maintaining your student’s regular preventative medical care, during the pandemic. Please forward your student’s current Physical Examination form from their health care provider, including immunizations and medical updates, to your school nurse as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Please note we will be holding a flu clinic for all students and families, Wednesday September 29th from 3:30pm - 7:00pm at the Lynnfield Middle School. More information will follow regarding registration.

We will also be holding COVID-19 vaccination clinics throughout the year.


Vision and Hearing Screening (21-22) vision and hearing screening for 9th grade students will occur on September 14th during picture day. Please inform Mary Homan , School Nurse if you have any concerns regarding this screening. All Covid protocols will be followed. Since screenings were suspended last year, please contact your school nurse if you have any concerns about your students vision or hearing.

LPS School Nurses

Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s school nurse with any questions/concerns about your student’s health and wellness.


Toni Rebelo, MSN, RN

Nurse Coordinator, Lynnfield Public Schools


High School:

Mary Homan, MSN, RN, NCSN,

Nurse Coordinator, Lynnfield Public Schools

781- 334-7213

Fax: 781-334-7207

Twitter: @LPSNurses

Middle School:

Diana Gerbick, MSN, RN

781-334-5810 ext. 6

Fax: 781-334-7203

Summer Street School:

Chris Sheils, BSN, RN, M.Ed., NCSN, HN-BC


Fax 781-334-5817

Huckleberry Hill School:

Suzy DePalma, MSN, RN

Caitlin McCarthy, BSN, RN