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December 2022

CG Families,

This year has really gone quickly. I can't believe it is already December and a new semester is right around the corner. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who showered us with delicious goodies for the Thanksgiving holidays. What a blessing it was for everyone to go home with a holiday dessert to share with our families. What an incredible gift from our school family.

Thank you for keeping our students supplied with necessary materials. We do need tissue boxes. If you can help supply tissue boxes for our teachers, that would be great. You can send the with your student or drop them off at the front office and we will distribute them to teachers in need.

Mrs. Cameron, Principal

Check out some of the students that Chose Greatness this month!

Congratulations to our Education Foundation teacher grant winners!

Fab Lab - A Maker Space Innovation Lab Phase 2 Allison Gilmore, Matthew Herring Campus ($10,000 max) Cypress Grove We have a maker space area in our school that all teachers and students have access to. Students are enjoying Maker Space Mondays and Fab Lab Fridays so much that we are expanding our lab with more activities and resources. To accommodate these changes and the and the growth, we need more storage cabinets for all of our supplies.

Construction Science Lab Matthew Herring Club Sponsor ($1,000 max) Cypress Grove I will develop a foundational Construction Science Lab where students will learn the importance of tool safety, tool identification, proper tool use, and implementation of construction knowledge by creating strategic projects from planning to build. The students will develop a profound understanding of how to properly use a tape measure, hammer, basic screw drivers, speed square, and a variety of power tools to build a project of their choosing.

Icon Impact Allison Gilmore Campus ($10,000 max) Cypress Grove All campus teachers will be able to display depth and complexity icons magnets to enhance and differentiate every lesson.

This is How We Roll, This is How We Move Micaela Eagle Classroom Teacher ($2,500 max) Cypress Grove Theatre classes will be able to transport class supplies to and from storage more efficiently. Students move supplies between the storage and classroom, as well as storage and the stage. They will also use these storage carts to learn how to organize props, etc for a theatrical production.

Laser Focused on STEAM Christine Grafe Classroom Teacher ($2,500 max) Cypress Grove In an attempt to introduce art students to emerging technologies in art, this grant would add laser cutting and engraving to our arsenal of tools. This tool will allow us to add student designs and creations onto materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, and more.

"Can You Hear Me Now?" Kendra Palasota Classroom Teacher ($2,500 max) Cypress Grove PE teachers and other school wide administrators/teachers/PTO will use the microphone device/system so that sound in the gym is able to travel at a further distance and all students are able to hear throught the entire area. A handheld megaphone is currently being used in the gym area and us teachers are facing different difficulties throughout the day which include the following: sound is too low, not all students are able to hear.

Building the Village Jessica Norton, Lauren Cummings, Michelle Dalton, Kayla Parker, Amber Friedrich, Kathryn Jobb, Kelly Montgomery, Josh Sonnenberg Campus ($10,000 max) Cypress Grove The campus design team will implement a system that provides opportunities for students and staff to build relationships through fun activities that promote positive behavior, teamwork, and social-emotional wellbeing.

Easy Peasy Otamatone Squeezy! Amanda Byrne, Marla Goodwin Department ($7,500 max) Cypress Grove Students in general music and orchestra will use this innovative instrument, an otomotone, to explore the electronic music realm. The otamatone will not only reinforce musical concepts in a fun way, but will also reinforce the technique used to play other musical instruments both in general music and orchestra classes.

Staff Birthdays


1 Mrs. Wells

9 Mrs. DeCoste

12 Mrs. Skow

13 Coach Turner

18 Nurse Mies

41 Ms. Hudson

Important Dates

1 Picture Retake Day

1 Our Twelve Days of dress up days begin (see below)

6 Fire Drill; CG band concert @ CSMS 6:30 pm

8 Fine Arts Extravaganza 5:30-7; PTO meeting beforehand

13 School Board Meeting @ 7; Choir Winter Concert @ 6

14 Marco's Pizza Night

16 Early Release Day at 1:30 pm for holidays--Students return Jan. 4

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Safety Drill Dates: May change due to weather

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Digital Citizenship-Family Toolbox

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CSISD Strategic Plan

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Last year at Cypress Grove, we were focused on Explore. This year we are focused on the phase, Engage.

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Cypress Grove Intermediate

We are so thankful you are a part of our CG community!

Enjoy your day,

Piper Cameron, Principal