How to Survive a Airplane Crash

How to survive one if one happens


To Do List

Before Crash- Before the crash you should get ready by packing the right clothes like Jeans, shirt, and shoes that you wont easily lose. Also. grab an oxygen mask if you have one just in case so you wont use the plane one and it be a faster one to do.

During The Crash- When the plane starts going down, get the oxygen mask and tell everyone on the plane to get in the brace position and get ready for impact. Also, get on a rain jacket or something to protect yourself if a fire starts on the plane when the plane crashes.

After The Crash- After the crash, you have 90 seconds to get out, so get as many people out of there who are alive and help others who are possibly or now injured. Also, when you get the door open if you are not high up on a cliff or something, let each of the passengers jump off one at a time and if one is injured, let one of the passengers carry them.

Stuff to show how to survive the crash and other important stuff

Stories from survivors

"I got out, there was a fire. That's how my face got burned. My hair was burning, ..., and -- my immediate response was to go and try to help them out. Because they were alive. They were alive. They were both screaming"(Autumn Vetch).

"It's a terrifying, life-changing experience that few of us can fully understand: survival of a large plane crash"(Bahia Bakari).

My Own Way To Survive an Airplane Crash After The Plane Goes Down

My way to survive is to wear the right clothes, and grab things I need to survive the horrific crash that might or will happen. When the plane starts going down, I will grab the things I need and then put myself in the right brace position.

How To Prevent an Airplane Crash From Happening

To prevent an airplane from crashing pick one flight that is recently new and look up online the parts of it and the pros and cons of the plane systems.

How Do You Save Others From Perishing in the crash

To save others from dying in the crash, you have to make sure they are positioned right in the seat before the crash and tell them to go in the correct brace position when the plane goes down. One more thing you should do is make sure they are tightly in their seat belts so they won't fly out when the airplane crashes at the moment.

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