By. Marie Lu


One of the main characters is Day. Days little brother is sick and could die so Day is trying to save up enough money to buy a cure for his little brother. When he broke in to a hospital to try to steal the cure he was caught and had to escape. Right before he went in to the sewer.a guy stopped him and day turned around and threw a knife at the guys shoulder and ran away. The next character is June. In this book Junes parents die and her brother got killed by a knife in a ally. When her brother died June was determined to find who killed her brother. And one more character is Thomas. Thomas is in the same squad that June is in and is the captain of the squad.


In the beginning Day finds out that his little brother is sick bad and he is trying to save up enough money to buy a cure. In the rising action Junes brother dies and everyone thinks its day so June is trying to find Day for killing her brother. The climax is when June catches Day and June finds out that Day didn't kill her older brother, and tries to help him escape from prison. The falling action is when June is helping Day, John (Days older brother) escape and John dies trying to save his brother Day and June. The resolution is when June and Day are trying to get out of the state that they are in to try to find a friend.


In this book it takes place in the future when half of the U.S. is at war with the other half and there are plagues that could kill people, People live in different sectors and the poor people always have no money and could get sick with the plague at any time, in the more rich sectors people always have clean water good food and can never get sick because they have money for vaccines.