Surviving Freshmen Year

By Isabella Cionni


Hi, I'm Isabella Cionni. I was a Freshmen last year, and I am here to give you some tips to survive your 9th grade year. The year can either be very stressful or a breeze. If you procrastinate and never study or do your work, then you will struggle tremendously. Studying and turning in all of your homework will help the year fly by.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is a coming of age type of novel. It is about a family living in a poverty stricken neighborhood, in the city of Brooklyn. The main character, Francie, is growing up throughout the book. Due to this, you will be able to live through the struggles of growing up in a treacherous world.


The book Speak is a relatable teen novel. Melinda is a Freshmen who decides to go to a high school party with her friends for the first time. An incident happens at the party that causes her to stop speaking to everyone, even her family. This situation results in her losing all of her friends, and she becomes the most hated person in the school. Though no one knows what really happened to her that night, you will find out the truth as you read.


The distopian novel, Unwind, shows how a society treats their unwanted or misbehaved children. The main character, Connor, tries to outrun his fate of becoming an unwind. He meets many others along the way, who all have their unique story that will be told. As you become captivated by story, you will soon learn what being an unwind really means.
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Romeo and Juliet

Everyone has heard of the play Romeo and Juliet, but it is not what everyone perceives it to be. It shows the story of star-crossed lovers as they journey to find a way to be together. This Shakespearean piece has a more precise type of language. You will be able to find out what happens in their love story that will eventually lead to their untimely death.

Independent Reading

Mrs. Allen loves independent reading assignments because it helps everyone figure out what type of books they like to read. She wants to have everyone experiment with all different book genres, so they can get a feel of what they like and do not like. I really enjoyed the realistic fiction books as well as the distopian books. My favorite book would have to be To All of the Boys I've Loved Before, which is realistic fiction.


I really enjoyed reading and being able to watch Romeo and Juliet. I am absolutely in love with the Stress Relief hand sanitizer! I also liked doing the Lit-Term Tuesdays because it helped you to understand more concepts of language.

Not So Favorite

I did not like the summer assignment at all because I felt as if I procrastinated during the entire project. Also, the independent reading books were kind of hard for me to read if the genre was not one I enjoyed. I felt as if I would keep putting off the book until it was a few nights before i had to finish it.

Helpful Advice

I would suggest that you do no procrastinate for any projects because it will add up to be a ton of work. Also, the best way to study for the vocab quizzes is on the game quizizz, which Mrs. Allen will make each week. The best way to get good grades in general and on your binder checks is to keep you binder very organized. It will help to put everything in the section Mrs. Allen tells you to when she gives out the papers. Staying clean and organized will help to keep you on-top of everything in your 9th grade English class.

Top 5 Ways to Stay on Mrs. Allen's Good Side

  • Stay Organized
  • Do not talk while she is teaching
  • Do not turn your work in late (she will get annoyed)
  • Have fun and enjoy the class
  • Try to do everything the best you can

"Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart." ~Beyonce