Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

Michelle Schreib

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Austin's absolute location is at 30.25 degrees North, and 97.75 degrees West.

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Austin's culture is heavily involved with art and music, making Austin City Limits an insignia part of Austin. You can also find the essence of Austin's arts in South by South West, Austin Film Festival, and more.

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Although Austin is unique, it's land does share some common likeness and characteristics of the states around, and other southern regions.

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Austin is woven into America's flow of media, news, and of course, airlines. Many colleges in Austin, such as University of Texas, are highly acclaimed throughout the world and bring people from far and wide into Texas.

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Human Enviroment

Austin, as well as many other places in Texas, are bound to suffer from droughts and lack of rain rather often. Citizens have adapted to this by relying on aquifers as a major source of water, as well as enforcing water conservation laws when needed.