The SEED Group

At the Cutting Edge of Harvest

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:14,16


We are excited about how God is continuing to shine His light in the darkest corners of this world through His church. We feel privileged to be a small part of His world-wide activities.

We are also excited about upgrading our mode of communication – from simple emails to this web-based format. Please do send us your comments!

Hindu-fundamentalists in Government

Ever since BJP, the hindu-fundamentalist party, came to power last year in India, there have been increased opposition against religious minorities. Recently, a man was killed based on false rumors that he ate beef. There have been two other killings related to Muslims allegedly killing cows. BJP is now running in the current elections in Bihar – the state where we have the most number of partnerships. Please pray!

Pray for Bihar Elections

Elections in Bihar are held on 5 different dates. There are still 2 more days of voting -November 1st and November 5th. Would you please pray for moderate politicians to come to power? Pray that those who are favorable to Christ and Christians will come to power.

While the door is still open…

It feels like the open door may be slowly closing on the spreading of the gospel. Certainly the sensitivity has been greatly heightened in the last year. With a sense of urgency, let us make use of every opportunity while the door is still open.

Thank you for being a part of the SEED Group!

Pressing Forward,

Angel Warrior

New Safehome for Girls

A safe place for girls who are at risk in the trafficking villages is currently under construction. Girls who are at risk of being forced by their families to become a “dancer” will be given priority. We already have many girls who are waiting in line to live here and attend school.

We visited the home of Leela who is on the left. Met Leela’s older sister who is currently a “dancer” but she is getting too old for the trade. She must be in her early 30’s.

  • Pray that God will protect the girls who are waiting until the safehome is ready.
  • Pray also that dedicated housemothers will be called by God for this ministry

2016 India Trips

Next trip to India will be in February. We currently have 7 churches planning to send folks from their church. We would love to have more churches join us. Please spread the word and contact us if your church would like to be included.

Raising Up an Army!

We currently have 400 children enrolled in our sponsorship program from 8 villages. 100 more children in progress. During our July trip, we were able to gather them in big groups at the main campus for a day of vision, encouragement, and fun.

  • Pray that God will raise up these children as soldier in His army. They are up against a very dark and evil system where they have been called to be light.
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