soil sampling

By: Sade Sturdivant

what is soil testing?

A process by which elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, manganese, copper and zinc) are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their "plant available" content within the sample.

why should a home owner preform soil testing?

When growers guess about the need for lime or fertilizers, too little or too much is likely to be applied. By using a soil test report, the grower does not need to guess.

where do you sed your soil sample?

Send sample to 4300 Reedy Creek Road,Raleigh,NC

How long does it takes?

* Depends on the season

what do i do with unusual spots in my yard?

Avoid unusual spots, like a wet area, and try to obtain a representative sample

steps to preforming soil sampling:

  1. Take a soil sample a few months before starting any new landscaping.

  2. Take a soil core to the appropriate depth.

  3. Place all the subsamples for one unique area in a plastic bucket and mix thoroughly. Use the mixture in the bucket to fill a soil sample box about two-thirds full. Look for the fill line on the box.

  4. Get your sample boxes and information sheets from Cooperative Extension offices, agribusinesses, regional agronomists, or the Agronomic Division laboratory. Use permanent ink or pencil to fill out forms and label boxes.

  5. Put the soil mixture in the sample box. Do not tape the box or put soil in a plastic bag. If you are sending several sample boxes through the mail, pack them carefully in a sturdy container. Do not send samples in a manilla envelope. Mail samples to the Agronomic Division laboratory at the address on the back of this publication.

what do you get from a soil sample?

  • Encourages plant growth by providing the best lime and fertilizer recommendations.
  • Diagnoses whether there is too little or too much of a nutrient.
  • Promotes environmental quality.
  • Saves money that might otherwise be spent on unneeded lime and fertilizer.
  • Soil sampling analysis is a free service for any grower in North Carolina.

how much is it?

** free to all NC residents**