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Happy Friday Colleagues!

Thus far, it's been an awesome 2015 at Elgin Elementary School! I love how we each are collaborating and making connections to ensure student success! I want to give a personal brag to Mrs. Wursterhausen, Dr. Cotner, and Mrs. Upton for really stepping in and helping me get things set up for Wednesday's training. The afternoon was quite busy and they just saw and need and stepped right in to make things happen! Mrs. Ricardo.....THANK YOU for the much needed water! Mrs. Monk, Mrs. Sneed, & Mrs. Marx, thank you for EVERYTHNG! You epitomize excellence in all that you do! Mrs. Becker...the signs would not exist without you. Lastly, Mrs. Maggie....I'm so proud of you and you know why!! These were a few of many ways that I felt the presence of work family and I love it.

I hope that each of you has had an opportunity to collaborate and make connections with those we work with on a day to day basis! It sure makes coming to work a joy! Please enjoy this week's Brag Bulletin! Have a safe week-end!


Felicia Turner

Highlights from PBIS Camp

Mrs. Heselbarth...

Thanks so much for working so hard on all aspects of your job—especially home visits! You are so willing to jump in the car and visit with parents at any time. It’s pretty brave to get out and visit parents on their home turf, but it is so meaningful and really helps build relationships. Thanks for your great example Lindsey! ~ Kendra Monk

Mrs. Bradley...

...I overheard you yesterday afternoon reminding the kids in the walker/car rider line to sit quietly and have a book. You were so calm and matter-of-fact! This is such a great example for other teachers and a great way to communicate expectations. Thanks for being on top of things! ~ Kendra Monk

ELGIN Elementary's ESL Teachers Giving 100%!

Dr. Sheila Guzman, Director of Bilingual & ESL Programs sent the following email to all ESL teachers and administrators in the district, regarding recent attendance at the ESL Job-A-Like meeting, held on January 13, 2015. This was the third in a series of three required ESL Job-A-Like meetings that were scheduled for this year. Elgin Elementary is so proud of these teachers. Congratulations are definitely in order! Way to go team!

From Dr. Guzman: "We appreciate all of the ESL Teachers for their attendance at this year’s ESL Job-A-Like meetings and we recognize the work that each of you do with the ESL students that you are serving this year, that you have served in the past, or those that you will serve in the future.I would like to provide special recognition to the following ESL teachers who had perfect attendance for all three ESL Job-A-Like" :

  • Mary Grimm
  • Terry Gummelt
  • Meghen Mikulka
  • Donna Noonan
  • Jennifer Carpenter
  • Sarah Herrera
  • Jeanette Courtney
  • Susan Dikeman
  • Rachel Nelson
  • Laurie Cummins
  • Michelle Lester
  • Alex Lundgren

From the Desk of Jennifer Smith

So I just wanted to brag a little, and I hope this is okay. I just received two students who are still very fluent in Spanish but they have just now begun to read two full sentences in our science books. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my students (bilingual pairing) or having them use duolingo which aides them to learn both languages.

Thanks for sharing Mrs. Smith! This was awesome news! ~ Elgin Elementary's Administrators

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January Birthday Wishes from Pre-K

Happy Birthday Mrs. Monk!

Love, Mrs. Snethen's Classroom

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More Birthday Wishes

Special Birthday wish and thank you to our fearless leader, Ms. Monk, who very graciously accepted our 3rd grade invitation to do the Cha Cha Slide. This lady got skills ladies and gentlemen! Very impressed by her dance skills and familiarity with the One and only Cha Cha Slide by Casper Part 2 Original Extra Crispy Version, not to be confused with the Cha Cha slide, Part One, Original Recipe Version! Thanks for making this a great place to be Ms. Monk! Can I Segway that into a bragging example for Ms. Turner’s Section?

From Ms. Turner to Mr. Ojeda - Yes you can!

Enjoy your holiday!

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