The Bear Necessities

October 8, 2015

Our lucky little learners

I had the opportunity to sit in on SPED Team Mtgs. What a complete much passion and thoughtfulness went on in these meetings. Kiddos who attend this center are super fortunate, for they have adults who care deeply about their entire little selves.....thank you does not seem like enough, you are amazing!

What's going on in Early Education

October 19th Dr Emily Miller, MaryBeth and I will venture 3 hours north to learn more about the programming in the Kirksville, MO school district. We will learn about their funding sources, programs and what their social workers role is at school.

Paving - we expect the weed garden on the bus lane to be paved over soon. This work was scheduled for summer, so any day now we expect to have a weedless loading area!! We are also getting bids and feedback on the idea of a driveway that leads from the trail head, behind the building and over to the dumpster area. We would like to be able to load/unload car riders behind the building and into the MPR. Just an idea at this time, but I am hopeful.

Title Transportation - in regards to the driveway behind GBEEC, Title transportation is significantly being considered as an area to reallocate funds from. It is approximately $100,000 for each title classroom to be transported to school. IF we choose to take away transportation (most districts do not provide Title transportation), then we could gain additional classrooms with this money.

Swing Replacement - is under is being looked at by Facilities. A new disc swing is over $4,000, so not sure how this will play out.

Parking for November Birthday bash has been approved....but staff will be parking off site at the Softball fields, so those of you with a van, please consider busing us back and forth if I can't secure a real bus at that time of day.

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October Stress

Educators all over will tell you that October, although beautiful outside, is super stressful. I encourage you to grab a friend and take a walk before or after school or at lunch (if you are lucky enough to have one). Be kind, Be Respectful and show others Grace!! You are lucky to work with an amazing group of people who truly care about kids and families. If you are grouchy and can't seem to find anything nice to say, make a change. Ask your work friend to distract your talk if it is negative. SMILE, research says it works. Oh and don't forget to use CD breathing on yourself!! Oxygen is a gift!!
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Sunshine Friends

Please remember to complete the sunshine friends form if you want to participate, they are due Friday!!

Alexis Melloy

Our new one day a week Physical Therapist has been hired!! Please help me in welcoming Alexis "Back" to our center on Monday!! She spent time here with Beth Bruce as a student, so we will be a familiar family for her to jump back into. We are really looking forward to her joining our team.

Guidance on Parent Teacher Conferences from HR

Teachers and Certified Staff.....Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • All teachers will be required to work during parent-teacher conferences.
  • PDO's will be approved for emergencies only.
  • Professional conferences will not be approved during parent conferences.
  • If teachers are enrolled in night class, it will be necessary to make arrangements to be excused from the class. PDO's will not be approved to attend night class.
  • If a teacher is assigned to coach a game during parent conferences, the teacher will make arrangements to make up any conferences missed.
  • Please work with your certified staff in granting time for them to attend their own children's conferences. This could be done during lunch or at a time when they are not scheduled to meet with parents of students. No more than an hour should be required.