Simon Birch

Willow Larsen


Theme: You should always have faith or belief in something or someone.

Evidence: Narrator states, "They didn't think Simon would last over night, but he did, they didn't think he would even last, a week but he did." (Simon Birch)

Evidence explanation: This piece of evidence explains my theme because it shows how even when they didn't think he would survive he did. In fact he ended up lasting way longer than a day and a week.

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Character (Simon)

Character: Simon Birch

Evidence: Simon states, "Holy crap she's sexy..." "Its a monster, ahhhhhhhh" "What does coffee and donuts have to do with God" (Simon Birch)

Evidence explanation: It shows his good sense of humor. You can always count on him to catch you giggling because of those little things he does. But he can also be kind of stubborn at times when he catches himself not thinking about what he is doing or saying.

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Scene: One (Baseball Incident)

I am truly sorry for killing Rebecca, I never meant to do it. It just kind of happened, I really enjoyed her goodnight kisses and her sweet old hugs. And I would do anything to just have her back here with us. She was a very sweet gorgeous lady that showed her care for everyone, and now shes dead. This is all my fault, I feel terrible. I should of just been better of not even playing baseball, because if I didn't none of this would of happened. There's a plan for everyone in this world and if only I wouldn't of hit that ball everything would be the same but its not because she is no longer here and I will never see her sweet face again. Once again I am truly sorry for what I did and I would do anything just to have her back with us.

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Scene: Two (Bus Accident)

My life flashed before my eyes when the bus went off the road and into the rushing water. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and make everyone calm down. Once everyone was listening I told them all to go one by one out the door and onto free land. But before I knew it we were going further and further into the water. I was very relieved that we got everyone out of the water and from the bus. I ended up getting stuck inside the bus while trying to get the last person out, so I got taken underneath all the water and got saved at last.

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Scene: Three (Simon's Death)

The day after the bus accident happened I woke up to find myself in the hospital, slowly dying inside. One thing that did make me feel better was to see and hear the people visiting me in the hospital. Although the very first thing I thought about were was those people I saved in the accident all okay , the second I heard that they were I was very much relieved. All I needed to know that those people were okay before I went away forever. In the end all I care about is that I saved other peoples lives and that those people unlike me can have a amazing rest of their lives while I'm up in heaven watching over ever single one of them.

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