Caddo Heights Parent Newsletter!

Release Date: February 24, 2020

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From the Desk of the Principal


Let me begin by saying, "Thank you!" Your hard work and dedication to your child's education does not go unnoticed. Through this difficult times we ask that you continue to partner with us as we transform learning through face to face instruction and virtually. Our teachers and staff are working daily to provide a safe and effective educational program. Please take a few minutes to review our newsletter as this will keep you updated with our progress. I am proud to serve as your principal and am always here if you need me. (

-Principal Mouton

2020-2021 School Performance Goal

This year our school goal is to grow by 6.1 SPS points, a score of 52. Parents can help us reach this goal by ensuring students are at school daily. Attendance is crucial to growing our student performance score while also ensuring that student success is priority!

Important State Testing Dates & Information

LEAP 2025 Grades 3-8

5th Grade: April 26th through May 7th (Computer-based Testing)

4th Grade: April 28-30, May 3-4 (Paper-based Testing)

3rd Grade: April 28-30, May 3-4 (Paper-based Testing)

**Please note that virtual students will need to be present at school to test. Further information will come in the near future.

Counselor's Corner

  1. This month's behavior goal is to stay below 6 Office Referrals
  2. This month's prize will be a popcorn party for students if the school meets the goal!

Eagle Leaders of the Month

Important Reminders:

1) School opens each day at 7:00am and instruction begins at 7:30am, dismissal is at 2:50pm

2) Late students must be checked in by an adult

3) Weekly Folders with school information and grades are sent home EVERY Wednesday

4) Progress Reports will be sent home on March 3, 2021

Virtual Learning Schedule

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Mark Your Calendars (Parents in Grades K-2nd) For CKLA Night!

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Black History Month Flyer

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Mission Statement

Caddo Heights is committed to inspiring leaders, equipping minds, and transforming lives to create and sustain a productive world.

What's Happening at The Heights?!?!?

Office Referral Goal For The Month:

This month's goal is to stay below 6 office referrals!

Question: How can parents assist in ensuring that students are engaged in learning to avoid unwanted behaviors?!?!?

Answer: By discussing your child's day at school with them. This allows them to reflect on their learning and activities throughout the day while explaining what they learned. This also provides an insight for you as the parent.

Zearn Math

Students are expected to complete four Zearn Math Digital Lesson each week. This can also be completed at home. How many lessons did your child complete this week?

Check out how you can support your virtual learner!

5 Tips for Making Distance Learning Feel Successful

Parent Challenge!!!

We would like to challenge you all to share this newsletter. Share the link via social media or through texting the link to other parents at our school. This helps us get the word out and keep Caddo Heights' parents informed!!!

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