Classical Conversations

Broken Arrow, OK Trinity Lutheran Campus

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas! I have been thinking of you and miss seeing all of you each week.

Having a newborn in the house is causing me to think of Christmas a little bit differently this year. When I think about how our Lord came to this our as a helpless little baby I start to ponder why. God's plan was to come in the form of a helpless and innocent baby. Who doesn't love a baby? A baby brings out the good in people. A baby draws people closer together. We let our defenses down around a baby and just love on them. It is something about a baby that brings out joy in us.

I like to think that newborns come straight from heaven. In fact I know they do! I would like to share something really sweet with you that happened to me before Cora was born. I was in church about two weeks before she was born and God showed me a picture. It was a beautiful picture that touches me everytime I think of it. I was in a field standing before God and Jesus. Jesus was holding Cora wrapped in a cream colored blanket. The kissed her little head and then they gave Cora to me and kissed my head. Then Jeff and my other children joined us and we were just enjoying the presence of God together.

God used a baby to change the world! God loves you so much that He sent his only son to a hurting and scary world just for you!!

I was watching Cora sleep last night in my lap. She was completely passed out and relaxed. I felt like the Holy Spirit say this is how I want you to be. My first response was I am an adult with real world problems. Cora is a baby who knows I am going to take care of her. Then it hit me. God is our Daddy and he is going to take care of those real world problems! He is going to take care of your real world problems!!!

I know that many of us are going through challenges right now. Maybe you have a close relative that died this year. Maybe you have relationship challenges with relatives and there is tension whenever you are around them. Maybe you are hurting on the inside because of old wounds. Maybe you are going through tough financial times or are afraid of a job loss. Maybe you are overwhelmed with life in general. Take some time this week to reflect on this baby we celebrate. Embrace him! Embrace our Lord for He cares for you. Embrace the mysterious birth of our Lord.

Merry Christmas my friends! Praying grace and peace for each one of you.