CGES Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 7

Principal's Message

Greetings! The new year is quickly moving along and we are getting closer and closer to the end of winter and warmer spring weather! The classrooms are very busy with focused instruction and a wide variety of learning for the students. Engagement is high and everyone is working very hard to take advantage of every learning minute!

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness day! I appreciate the sentiment of this day, but would like to challenge everyone to be intentional in their kind acts each and every day! I have the benefit of seeing the students and staff interact with each other on a daily basis and the countless acts of kindness. Please consider how you and your student can show kindness to others throughout the month. Often times those small acts of kindness create a significant impact in the day of others! I look forward to seeing even more kindness throughout the halls and classrooms in the coming days and weeks!

Enjoy the final weeks of winter!

Mr. Buckler

AP's Announcements

ARMOR Update- We have been focusing on the character trait attitude for December and January. Each classroom teacher nominated a student to be their "Knight in Shining ARMOR." The student selected has an outstanding attitude! They came down to the office and received a token for our book vending machine. Congratulations to the students pictured below!

The character trait that we will be focusing on for February and March is modeling safety. If you would like to talk to your students at home about how to model safety at school, consider these questions to discuss with your children:

  • How do you show safety at recess? What about in the classroom?
  • We have a cafeteria rule about not sharing food. How could this be modeling safety?
  • As a school, we do many drills so we are prepared in an emergency. How should you behave during these drills to ensure you are being safe?
  • If you are really upset about something a friend is saying or doing, what are some things you can do? Who can you talk to?
  • If you spill something in the hallway, why is it important that it gets cleaned up? How does this connect to safety?

Thank you! I hope everyone has a fantastic February.

Mrs. Rollings

Knights in Shining ARMOR - Attitude

Counselor's Corner

Happy February!

Things continue to buzz here at CGES as there are many exciting happenings right now. Some of our most recent adventures include our successful 5th grade mentor program where 18 of our very own 5th grade students have been paired up to show leadership, guidance, and support to some of our younger students. If ever you are visiting, you may see them playing games, doing Minds in Motion, reading a book, or just taking a break together. This is our first year for this program, and the benefits have been amazing!

Another addition to our school this year is our therapy dog, Harley (and Ms. Kathy)! Harley visits our school every Friday afternoon, and he has already touched the lives of students in 18 classrooms, not to mention the many small group or individual cuddle sessions. Harley is a graduate of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and also works at the VA Hospital as well as the Hospice Center when he isn’t with us. Our teachers have the opportunity to schedule a classroom visit where the students learn about Harley, the purpose of therapy dogs, and the many benefits he brings to our school. Did you know that the brain releases serotonin (one of the “happy” hormones) just by petting a dog? If you could see the smiles on the faces of our students when Harley walks in a room, you would know it was true!

Our monthly Pizza with a Police Officer continues to show our students how helping others, being positive role models, and respect can truly make a difference. So far, 20 of our students from grades 2-5 have shared pizza and treats with some of CGPD’s very own resource officers!

Lastly, my lunch clubs and group meetings are in full swing. With a huge focus on kindness for the month of February, we will continue to learn about friendship, conflict resolution, and healthy relationships as I plan for more classroom visits and activities. If you are interested in having your child join me for one of our groups, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to have new faces join us!

Riley Red Wagon Week

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Riley Red Wagon Week! The students (and staff) enjoyed both of the spirit days and we were able exceed our goal and raised $1,224,94. The classrooms enjoyed their free time on Friday the 13th!

Your generosity is much appreciated and will certainly impact the patients at Riley Children's Hospital! Thank you again!

New Staff

Mrs. Tracy Rivers will join the CGES art room on Monday, February 6th! Mrs. Rivers comes to us from IPS and is excited to begin the next chapter of her career at CGES! We wished Mrs. Villarreal all the best as she begins her next adventure in Clark-Pleasant schools!

Mrs. Michelle Ford has joined the staff as one of our Kindergarten assistants! We are thrilled to have her as part of the Kindergarten team!

Welcome to both these new staff members!

Big picture

IREAD Information

For our second and third grade families, please review the guidance included below from the district. The IREAD assessment occurs each March and this year will include both second and third graders. After reviewing the information, if you have any questions, let please contact Mr. Buckler or your child's teacher.

Fantastic February

Make note of these important dates for the month of February:

February 1 - Early Release

February 6 - School Counselor's Week

February 8 - Early Release

February 10 - Daughters and Date Dance

February 14 - 5th Grade Music Field Trip

February 15 - Early Release

February 17 - 5th Grade Human Growth and Development Program, Valentine's Parties

February 20 - President's Day - No School

February 21 - PTO Meeting - This meeting will be in person and NOT virtual.

February 22 - Early Release

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