The Bronco Buzz

~May 8, 2015~


*Schedules for JA/Bronco Days/8th Grade Celebration are in One Note*
  • Monday, May 11 -EOC Testing Continues
  • Monday, May 11-7th Grade Jr Achievement Ramp UP!
  • Monday, May 11- 6th Grade Awards Night @ Grace - 6pm
  • Tuesday, May 12- Scholars Bowl A-Team vs Faculty in Media Center @ 8AM
  • Tuesday, May 12- EOC Testing Continues
  • Tuesday, May 12- 7th Grade Awards Night @ Grace - 6pm
  • Wednesday, May 13 - 6th Grade Bronco Day
  • Wednesday, May 13- SPG Post Test- Connections
  • Wednesday, May 13- Special Education PLC
  • Thursday, May 14- Curriculum PLC- 45 minutes
  • Thursday, May 14- SPG Post Test- Connections
  • Thursday, May 14- Blazing Bronco Breakfast
  • Thursday, May 14- 6th grade Field Trip-Environmental and Heritage Center
  • Thursday, May 14- 8th Grade Awards Night @ Grace - 6pm
  • Friday, May 15- 7th Grade Bronco Day
  • Friday, May 15- Healthways Biometric Screenings
  • Friday, May 15- Goodman Team Meeting
  • Friday, May 15- 6th grade Field Trip-Environmental and Heritage Center
  • Friday, May 15- Eads Wedding Shower in the Media Center
*** Please See Mrs. Goodman's e-mail from 4/27- RBES written reflections should be uploaded in the GTES tool by Monday, May 18th.***
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  • Our 7th and 8th Grade Orchestra Concerts were AMAZING! Thank you, Alaina Morris, for always putting on fabulous Spring Concerts! The parents were amazed at the progress their students have made over the past few years. Also, thank you to the MANY staff members who came out to support Mrs. Morris and her students!
  • Thank you to our incredible Band and Chorus teachers, Mr. Cogdill and Mrs. Bosworth for putting on a show to remember. The evening under the stars felt like a "professional" concert. Many parents stated that it felt like a Night at Chastain! Again, many thanks to the staff members who stayed to support the Band and Chorus program.
  • This week we had our rising 6th graders visit from our elementary feeder schools- they were so excited and had such a good time visiting their new school! Thank you Rachel Mickle and Liz Sewell for organizing these visits. Again, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Drama, Robotics, and more really made the day festive! The kids are SO excited about their futures as FFMS Broncos!
  • We had a wonderful Retirement Celebration Luncheon for Dennis Turnham, Aletha Annan, and Susie Teehan, and Susie Parker. It was marvelous to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these fantastic people.
  • Our PLC meetings were amazing this week, and we continued to learn at our highest levels. We revisited our Apple Orchard and celebrated our students and the connections that we have made this year. We looked forward to our work next year as we make those connections even stronger. In our 90 Minute PLC, we went back into FIP and had some awesome discussions about Clear Learning Targets! WOW!
  • EOC Testing has been flawless! Thank you to everyone who helped make this very important testing event run smoothly! We have two more days to go next week!


April is an amazing teacher and colleague. She goes above and beyond to create an environment of rigorous learning and achievement. In addition, she has done amazing work with our school Science Olympiad team. The hours upon hours of preparation that her and her students have put in is more than commendable. Most of all, April is one of the most kind and genuine people I know. She is always willing to help someone out or just listen if you need her. I have truly enjoyed working with her each year.


“In sixth grade I stopped believing in myself. I thought I was stupid. It felt like I was just falling deeper and deeper and my academics were just going downhill Once TOP 20 came into my life, I realized that I am good enough.” —Gunnar, student



11-- Liz Sewell

12-- Steven Abbott

13-- Lisa McCreary

26-- Allyson Jones

28-- Onika St. James

29-- Rachel Mickle

30-- Sarah Erickson


Each week we will highlight awesome lessons and activities around our school. Let us know if you are doing something you want highlighted!


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Moviemaking has never been easier than it is at PowToon. To create a short animated clip, all you have to do is write a script and choose characters and other graphics using a simple drag-and-drop tool. The classroom possibilities are endless — challenge kids to write an additional scene for a book you are reading in English class, or have one character explain the water cycle to another for a science project.


Book Creator

This app allows students to use their photos and add text and/or record sound captions to create a storybook that will be available on the iPad's iBook bookshelf. It is a $1.99 app for iPad & iPad mini- and a $2.49 app on Google Play. Book Creator has a nice, kid-friendly design and a simple format to help students create their own books through text and pictures. Students I have used it with loved the program and I felt that they captured grade-level content in a creative and original way. Try this one out with your class!

Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator for Android

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