Hydroelec-tricity In Penrith

By: HJF Hydroelectrics

Energy in Penrith

Penrith will soon have abundants of electricity. We will be building and constructing a dam in Nepean river, situated west of Penrith. The project will cost $3,000,000. It will help a lot of people in the isolated community.

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Available renewable resources

The avaible resources in Nepean River will be hydroelectricity, wind source and solar energy. Our group will be choosing hydroelectricity since there is an abundant source. It is 178 km long and is 114.5 km². That will be big enough to power many homes

How will we collect the energy?

Firstly, we will build a dam. We will make a water flow strong enough for the current to spin 2 turbines. The 2 turbines will be at the end of the water flow. They will spin turning a turbine shaft inside either wall of the dam. There will be a generator connected to the shaft which will spin an electromagnet. There will be wires also connected to the generator, collecting electricity produced by the electro magnet. These will also be connected to an electric tower near the land closest to the dam. Then every 200 meters there will be an electric tower until it reaches the Penrith electric towers. We will know it will work because it is similar to other dams that have successfully worked.

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How much will it cost?

We will charge $110 every month or $1100 every year. We will need this community and other communities to fundraise enough money to buy the $3,000,000 project