VMBA June Newsletter

2013 Is Going To Be a Great Riding Season!

Vermont Mountain Bike Festival Hosted by STAB!!

This year's festival is certain to be one of our very best. Thanks to the support of our partners and the tireless efforts of the STAB Festival Planning Committee, everything a rider could possibly want will be available on site - Food all day, Saturday night BBQ, beer garden, country store 70 yards away, band, raffles, 50+ miles of trail, vendors, camping, hotel, and our first ever MOUNTAIN BIKE OLYMPICS. Mt. Ascutney State Park is less than 10 minutes away from the festival.

More information will be shared on VMBA.ORG as we get closer. In the meantime, don't lose your chance to grab a $60 Tech T-shirt for $20 by registering before June 30th. VMBA members receive a 15% discount on registration. To register, please go to: www.vmba.org/festival

Biking Ascutney Trails

Why Should You Become a Member of a Chapter and VMBA?

VMBA is the political voice of mountain biking in Vermont. The executive director, Tom Stuessy, is focused on developing partnerships that represent chapter and riders' interests through VMBA sponsored programs including: Trail Grant, Trail Building Clinic, chapter administrative assistance, landowner materials, 501c3 status, and event promotion/support. Most importantly, VMBA advocates for expanding access, which translates into chapters designing, building, and maintaining the trails YOU RIDE.

VMBA membership represents an important element in VMBA being able to continue its important work on rider and chapters' behalf. 2013 is the first year VMBA has offered membership and we're working hard to gain momentum. If you're a member - thank you and encourage your riding partners to do the same! If not, please consider being proactive about protecting your trails.

As a result of effective advocacy, chapters need volunteers for trail days, members, and riders to be involved in events. Chapters generate the best opportunity for riders to enjoy a riding community and camaraderie at the local level. Please visit VMBA.ORG to learn more about your local chapter.

To see the coupon book that is included with VMBA membership click here. To register for VMBA membership please go to: www.vmba.org/membership

If you are a member, help support us by showing your friends the coupon book and inspiring them to protect our trails in Vermont through VMBA membership. Just a few of the coupons are included below.


Your support of VMBA pays off! VMBA has received a positive response from the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation on a 10-year expansion plan. VMBA and the State recognize there is much work to be done on an agreement, which will take some time. This translates into more riding every year for at least 10 years on public land in Vermont!

Currently, almost 70% of riding in Vermont takes place on private land. To their credit, chapters have done an incredible job of stewarding relationships with landowners. VMBA will encourage this process to continue through supportive materials developed over the last year and through continuing our work with the state to share accurate and clear definitions of Act 250 and support the Landowner Liability Act.

The state land expansion plan will outline the entire trail building process and incorporate the input of chapters and commercial builders to define best practices relative to design, sustainable building, and maintenance schedules. On behalf of all riders, VMBA is eager to get started on the process and will be updating riders as we make progress on this unprecedented step forward for mountain biking in Vermont.

VMBA Awards Chapters Trail Grants

VMBA has been hard at work on chapters' behalf this year. New programs supporting chapters includes an opportunity to apply for trail building and maintenance grants. VMBA is excited to announce the following chapters have been awarded funds this year.

MELO VELO - Beginner trails on Cricket Hill

FELLOWSHIP OF THE WHEEL - Repairs to Saxon Hill

STAB - Connector trail to Ascutney State Park.

HOOT TOOT AND WHISTLE - Bridge reconstruction from Irene damage

Congratulations to the above chapters! VMBA encourages riders to take the time to participate in chapter trail days and thank their local chapter for their dedication. The collective effort of our riding community leads to better riding and the sweet events we all enjoy.

Congratulations to Mad River Riders!

Mad River Riders celebrated the grand opening of the Revolution Trail on May 26th In conjunction with VMBA partner, American Flatbread. MRR also opened the Blue Berry Lake Trials on June 1st. The BBL trails are the product of a partnership between the Forest Service, VYCC, Sustainable Trailworks, and VMBA. Congratulations Mad River Riders!

VMBA Trail Building Clinic & Grant Opportunities

VMBA is hosting a few new chapter programs this year. On June 8th and 9th VMBA will be sponsoring a two day trail building clinic for chapters. Instruction will span a wide scope of topics including: network development, trail design, land managers, trailhead management, re-routing, storm water management and a bunch more. VMBA is happy to provide camping, instruction, and Saturday night BBQ at no charge to chapters. This year's roster is full and we encourage all chapters to keep an eye our for next year's clinic.

To support the trail building clinic, VMBA has also developed the VMBA Trail Grant. The purpose of the grant is to support chapter trail maintenance and building activities throughout Vermont. VMBA received multiple very well done grant applications this year.

Upcoming Events

Vermont Mountain Bike Festival. July 13th and 14th at the Ascutney Trails near windsor. ONSITE EVERYTHING - YOU'RE GONG TO LOVE IT... To register please go to: www.vmba.org/festival

NEMBA Festival will be hosted June 21-23 at Kingdom Trails in East Burke. It's going to be a great weekend of cross-country and gravity riding and the industry expo is going to rock! Order your tickets now!


Fellowship of the Wheel will be hosting the "Bike&Burger" at the Catamount Family Outdoor Center on June 16th from 2-7PM. Rides will take place from 2-4PM and a BBQ from 4-7PM will follow including music and beverages from Long Trail. For more details on registration please go to: www.fotwheel.org

Middlebury Bike Club & Mad River Riders will be hosting an event on June 23rd in coordination with Mad River Riders in Fayston, VT including rides, music, and food. Please stay tuned to the Mad River Rider's Web site to learn more about the details of the event. www.madriverriders.com

Catamount Trail Association will be hosting their annual "Race to the Top of Vermont" on August 25th. Early registration ends on June 30th. For more information and to register please visit: www.rtttovt.vom

Stowe Mountain Bike Club will be hosting the Summer Time Epic Ride on June 30th from 7:30- 2:30. the 20k loop takes riders on some of the very best riding in Vermont. The race is an EFTA event (6th of 9 races). online registration: www.bikereg.com/net/19199

Flyin Ryan Eastern Cup at Catamount The Flyin Ryan Eastern Cup will be hosted at the Catamount Family Outdoor Center in Williston on June 16th. On site registration will run from 8-10AM and the friendly race will take place from 10-2. Teams will log as many laps as possible from 10 to 2. The rest of the family can enjoy food, music, bike demos, and kids games.


The VMBA BOD is seeking two individuals to serve on our board of directors. BOD members serve three year terms with the possibility of re-election for one additional term. The VMBA BOD is primarily a philanthropic fundraising board. As a collective and in sub-committees the VMBA BOD works closely with the executive director on a variety of association initiatives.

The Board is seeking individuals with nonprofit board experience and demonstrated fundraising success. If interested and for more information, please contact: John Peters at: johnbryanpeters@gmail.com