Denver Publication

by Kennedy Dukes, Kiana Hunte, Dante Burciaga

Letters To the Editor

Dear Editor,

It has come to my intention that your newspaper has an all male staff. This is a problem, especially when we woman are fighting so hard for equality in this country. Woman should not be expected to always sit and home and cook and clean and care for the children. Woman are good writers too, and would be even better if woman were given a shot at an education. As we continue to fight for equality, it would be very helpful if you could put your mindset that men are superior to woman in the workplace aside and give them a chance.


Fed Up and Unable to be Employed

Dear Editor,

This new railroad definitely has it benefits, however, it is causing much traffic and noise here in Denver. I'm not sure if you can do anything to help this situation but I have to complain to someone. I'm so frustrated because as a citizen, the railroad is causing more problems than its solving from my point of view.

What in the world should I do?



Farmer Issues

Farmers economic demise resulted from the low prices. Statistics validated their belief as the price of crop produce did fall drastically during the closing decades of the 19t century. From 1879 to 1897, wheat prices fell from a $1.06 and corn from 43 cents to 39 cents.

Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Company

On June 24, 1870 the first train from Cheyenne arrived in Denver. These trains are operated by the Kansas Pacfic after 1879

Assimilation of Native Americans

The United States took control over the Native American Territories. The Dawes Act was to move all the Native Americans out of territories.