Audrey Grace Cuzzort


Soccer is a fun fast sport,kids run 7 miles in soccer. You may think you get a soccer ball to the face,but if you block it with your head you'll be fine.


Do you want to play soccer well you do, you will love soccer,but you need a lot of equipment like a soccer ball and a uniform you also need cleats ,goalie gloves,socks and shinguard.The shinguard go in the lower part of your leg to protect your shin.The socks go over the shinguard from falling out the goalygloves have a special padding in the gloves and the uniform is made out of silk and it has symbols like archer soccer in a circle with a tiger jumping out of the "A".

Positions and Rules

The positions are important. When you are playing the coach is going to call out the positions like midfielder,definer 1 and 2, winder on the coaches side and on the parent side.

There are many rules to remember when playing have to stay off the field when the game is going or the game has to restart all over again. you have to have shin guards on at all times. only the goal keeper can use his or her hands.

Techniques, Practice and Training

Before the game you have to practice,and practice comes with training and when you train you get better and you have techniques.In the game you can use what you learn from the practice and use that in the game.The game is a opportunity to give you a change you of what you learned in practice and there is a certain amount of players in soccer, there is 11 to 10 players on the feild.