cake pop inc.

our cakes are fun on every crumb.

cake pop inc. what it's about.

Do you ever get tired of cupcakes at your friends party. Now you don't because of cake pop inc. we have all the cake pops you need. for holidays,birthdays,or any party you


Is it a good or a service???

crazy cake pops inc. is a good because you can eat it touch it and love it

Supply and demand


Some recorces we will need are...



One type of icing

One coat of fondant

Any type of cake mix



Our target is to get the attention of teens and kids. We want them to say to their parents and grandparents: “can I have one?” or “can I have a cake pop for my party?”

In order for the parents to be able to say yes, it is our priority to have a good product with a reasonable price.

Our product is new and easy to eat, no mess.

Through the years the evolution in party favors has changed from cake to cupcakes, which is easier to use, and with this product we present something tasty, sweet, fun, and different.

The cost of our product is 0.70 cents, which includes 0.35 cents from the supplies and expenses and 0.35 cents from our work hours and we are planning to sell them for $1.00 each.