Jesse Owens

The fastest man in the world (in 1936)

His Life

James (Jesse) Cleveland Owens was born on September 19 1913. He showed a lot of potential since he was a young boy in elementary school. His gym teacher noticed how much faster he was then the other kids. He set track records at his high school and after high school got accepted to Ohio State University. The school was segregated and he could not get scholarships so he worked multiple jobs to pay his tuition and live off campus. While at Ohio State he won 8 championships and made history and won the big ten championship. He also broke 3 world records and tied another record. He was called the buckeye bullet and was one of the best black athletes in the world. But probably the greatest achievement he had was at the 1936 summer olympic games. He won 4 gold medals in the face of Adolf Hitler. It was such an accomplishment because it was in Berlin and Hitler thought it would be a showcase of the aryan (white) athletes but Jesse proved him wrong. When he came home from the games he was greeted with almost a hero's welcome in a parade of some sort. Unlike other runner's Jesse had a hard time Finding a job after the games. He eventually filed for bankruptcy. He became a speaker for equal rights movement and in 1976 given the presidential medal of freedom. He died from lung cancer on march 31 1980. After his death they gave him the congressional gold medal award and named an award after him the jesse owens athlete award.
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Jesse Owens getting ready for the olympics.

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Hitler did not respect black people and he did not want to shake jesse Owen's hands after the games because he was black.


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My Reaction

I was impressed with what Jesse Owens has accomplished because I originally thought he just set a world record. But as I researched I found out he did much more he proved a lot for black athletes and Black people as whole. He also defied Hitler which would have made him famous alone.