Technology "Flipped" Follow-Up

Your Technology "To-Do" List

Technology Reminders and Updates

Important Reminders and Updates that you will need to know to start your school your. Please note some of these items require your attention.

Just a reminder...

When we left you, we shared a Technology update and reminders video that included all of our housekeeping details that are typically shared at meetings. Since we decided to maximize our time by sharing and teaching some tools that you could use to "Flip" your Faculty Meetings, the video was the best way to get that information out to you. Some of those updates require your immediate attention. Please see below on what we need from you. In case you missed the Update video, we've attached it below.
Schedule your Welcome to Technology Video Conference

These conferences need to be scheduled either during your Staff Development time before school starts (Aug. 18-22) or 1 of the following Wednesdays after school - August 27, September 3, or September 10. Please use this form to reserve your time.

Money, Money, Money - We need Budget Codes

*Email budget codes to Linda Mills* K-8 Campuses need to submit a budget code for $500 to go towards the district purchase of Brainpop. ALL Campuses need to submit a budget code for $1000 to renew the license for our content in Safari Montage.

Schedule Your Technology Day/Training

*Email your PD schedule to Tracey or Claudio* Your Campus Technology Trainer, SMART Teacher, & Webmaster will be conducting this training. You may schedule it as you see fit.

Assign your staff an apparaiser in PDAS

Before teachers can access PDAS and complete their self-report, you need to assign their appraiser. Please contact Tracey or Claudio if you have any questions about the PDAS Application in Eduphoria.

K-6 Principals Only - Schedule training

*Email Tracey* For campuses that are making the Tech Apps TEKS the classroom teachers responsibility, you need to schedule a time for Tracey to train your teachers over At least a 2 Hour Training.

Pass it On!

Don't forget to pass some of these important reminders on to your staff that were included in the video. For example:

  • Any technology issues in their classrooms - enter a helpdesk ticket. Do not email issues to any technicians or coordinators.
  • Do not stop Technology staff in the hallways to discuss or ask for assistance. We don't want to be rude, but we are most likely on campus for a reason and have lots of HelpDesk to address.

Review the video below for other information that you and your staff need to know.

How Can We Help?

Let us know what trainings you need/want and when and how you would like them delivered.