Bay of Pigs

Cuban Missile Crisis

What was it?

The Bay of Pigs was an unsuccessful military invasion mission on Cuba. The invasion was performed by a paramilitary group, Brigade 2506 on April 17, 1961. The members of Brigade 2506 were former Cuban citizens, who Fidel Castro removed from the country. They were then trained by the United States CIA. The United States sent them back into Cuba hoping to overthrow Castro. The group was overthrown in less than three days by the Cuban Military.

How did it start?

The Bay of Pigs invasion started because the United States Military invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro was unsuccessful. The United States CIA the took a group of citizens that Castro threw out of the country and trained them to invade Cuba.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a thirteen day confrontation between the United States on one side and Cuba and the Soviet Union on the other. During this confrontation, the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles on the island of Cuba, aimed at the United States.

The United States waited it out an compromised, so no nuclear weapons were fired. If the United States would have retaliated there were nuclear bombs around Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.