Hearing Loss

By: Alexa and Haylee

Natural Causes

  • ear wax blocking
  • Fluid in ear after infection
  • Scar from repeated infection
  • hole in ear drum
  • old age
  • skull fractures


  • less trouble hearing mens voices than womens
  • trouble hearing when more than one person is in a conversation
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Noise Perforated Hearing Loss

  • Loud areas
  • certain medicines
  • loud noises
  • objects stuck in ear
  • pressure differences


  • Hearing loss because of old age is very common.
  • One third of people between ages of 65 and 75 have hearing loss ( Mr. Rhode has hearing. issues)
  • Loud noises are main causes.
  • The middle part of the ear (behind the ear drum) amplifies sound pressure.
  • The middle ear also contains the Eustachian tube which helps equalize pressure and drain mucus.
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