Marriage in Nigeria

By: Christian Stevenson

The Age of Marriage

Most systems of customary law in Nigeria do not prescribe any age for the solemnization of customary-law marriage. This lacuna in the rule of customary law has to a large extent encouraged a high incidence of child marriage, with all its attendant evils. While in some areas child betrothal is rampant, marriage does not in fact take place until the parties have attained the age of puberty.

types of marriage laws

There are 3 types of marriage laws in Nigerian, Enlgish law, the Customary law and the islamic law. The man must have a filed notice in the Marriage Registry within the area where the marriage is to be celebrated, stating his intenton to get married.www, laws of marriage

types of marriage

There are two types of marriges in Nigeria: Monogamy and Polygyny. Monogamy is the marriage of one man to one woman and Polygyny is the marriage of one man to two or more women. But both families have to agree on the marriage and so does the bride and groom.