Job: Editor/Writer

By: Jamie O'Toole

Basics of being an editor


A person who is in charge of a text and determines the final context usually for a book or magazine. I will be working my way up to an editor as a writer.

Daily Tasks:

I have to see if the writing for a business or book is complete and ready for publishing. I check grammar, and the story line or structure. If the author has made a mistake or isn't doing a good job of explaining or getting the point across, it is my job to fix it and make the product nice and tidy.

Work Environment:

I can find work in a publishing company, government and education, or manufacturing. This job can be found in a place with writers, and loads of people looking for feedback. Some work takes place online so learning software is helpful, but confusing at the same time.

Education ad Training:

I can study professional writing or anything with English and writing. This is found in a university. This job will need a bachelors which will take 4 years. Most writers always need a bachelors even when working up for bigger things with experience.

Preferred Job Skills:

  • Grammar skills

  • Writing skills

  • Critical thinking skills

Job Outlook:

The job outlook will stay the same.


$53,500 a year

Career Connections

“A good magazine is it’s editor” -Steven Corey

High school Preparations

Courses at Leyden:

AP English- this is a higher and more complicated English. It’s similar to a college course.

Creative writing- This is a course which is pretty self- explanatory. It’s creative writing and is totally made up and fiction.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Creative writing club- This will be beneficial because I can learn how to write and explore with others.

Key club- This will teach me leadership and as an editor you need a lot of that.


I can apply for a internship at a local newspaper or journal to experience editing.


A reference is very important because they are people who have seen your work and have evidence. They can give great recommendations to places you want to apply to as well.

1. Lizabeth O'Malley- East Leyden High school

2. Sally Lakdawala- East Leyden High school

3.Jennifer Paulin- East Leyden High school

Post Secondary Plan

As a future editor/writer I would need to go to a 4 year university for a bachelors. Majors I can hopefully take at New York University or Columbia University is English or just plain writing. I can also have a job off campus at an internship shadowing editors and experiencing what I have to do and what the job is like.