The dangers of mobile phone use

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People who make long mobile phone calls sometimes complain of fatigue, headaches, and loss of concentration however the same results have never been reported in laboratory conditions and they could just be due to other factors in the persons lifestyle.


Mobile phone users supposedly are 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer in areas of the brain adjacent to their phone ears, but researchers admit it's unclear this increase is linked to using mobiles.

Can texting cause arthritis?

Directly, no. But a similar syndrome to Arthritis called Carpel Tunnel can result from too much repetitive motion, if your hands are not correctly positioned when entering text or holding your cell phone for long durations. Carpel Tunnel also affects typists who spend long hours at the keyboard entering data into a computer.

The causes of arthritis to date are unknown and the use of the joints will not cause arthritis. However if there is a predisposition to one of the many forms of arthritis in a person then they are likely to start noticing it eventually in the most used joints. Carpel tunnel is often related with Rheumatoid arthritis as this is a disorder that is the result of inflammation putting pressure on the metacarpal nerve in the top of the hand near the wrist.

arguments about possible dangers with mobile phones

Radio waves given off by mobiles can heat up body tissue, having damaging effects, but radio waves are not powerful enough apparently to cause heat damage to the body.

Radio frequency waves similar to those in mobile phones altered the gene expression in nematode worms, but worms are not humans, there is no guarantee that our brain cells will behave in the same way.

Magnetic fields created by mobile phones can affect the way that your body cells work, but the magnetic fields are incredibly small, and so unlikely to affect cells in our body.

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