Raphael Sanzio

Occupation: Architect, as well as a Painter


Raphael Lanzio was born on March 28th or April 6th, 1484 in Urbino, Italy. The exact day he was born hasn't been fully determined. He spent most of his life in Rome. His biggest influence was his family. They were always doing something art related when he was growing up. He had a very artistic family. He was surrounded by different styles of creations. Along with his father, who was especially creative, being a court painter of the Duke of Urbino, in which Raphael helped paint some of the pieces there. Raphael Lanzio also benefited from working around his dad as a Court Painter, as he learned manners and social skills. He was also influenced influenced by his teacher, while in school. Raphael Lanzio's most popular types of creations he made involved painting, and architecture. He had a weird obsession with drawing naked, fighting men. He also had patrons that helped him through out his life, one being Medici Pope Leox, who gave him commissions.

Above, is a photo of Raphael Sanzio, himself.

The Triumph of Galatea

Raphael Sanzio created The Triumph of Galatea in 1512. I find this piece of art interesting because it has a lot of detail. I also realized that if you look at the art piece, you can see that there's a story to go along with it, and every separate little cupid shooting a bow and arrow has a different thing it's aiming for. In the bottom left, you can see that there is something like a merman abducting a sea nymph, which are the little baby-like looking things holding the bow and arrows.The significance about this piece is that it has so many different parts of it, and so many different things to look at, and the story behind the piece itself is pretty interesting. People still go to the museum today, and look at this famous painting. This painting falls into the Human(ism) catagory because of the aspects of the picture itself, with all the different parts, including the people, and sea life in this picture. You can see it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is still there, on display.

Interesting Facts..

~Raphael means "God Heals"

~Raphael heals physical, emotional, and spiritual problems

~His Nationality was Italian

~He died at 37 years old due to a high fever, caused from excessive activity

~He was a genius of the renaissance period

Other pieces created by Raphael Sanzio

By: Gabby Scudder