Choosing Bunk Bed for Children

Furniture is the foundation for any room. A suitable bed for you children is the best first gift you give them. Would you considering buying a bunk bed if you have two children? The bunk beds have existed for centuries, which not only save space for you, but also look cool.

The environmental protection performance

Since it is for children, the first consideration for the bed should be the environmental protection performance, which is very important in the later grow up for children. The best material for children furniture should be the solid wood. Try to avoid using painting on it. Meanwhile, you may pay attention to the stairs and baffle. If it has arc, it can reduce the possibility for getting hurt.

The room size and the height of the bed

Before buying the bunk bed, measure the length and height of your children’s room. At least, you have to measure the floor area that the bed will put and the height of the ceiling. The height is an additional requirement for the bunk bed. You have to make sure that there are at least 2 to 3 feet of the space between the top mattress of the bunk bed and the ceiling so that children would not be hurt when standing up.

Colors of the bunk bed

Colors have huge influence on children’s future psychology and growth. Therefore, I put color ahead of the style. The elegant, light but steady colors are the first choice. Besides, you had better not put storage cabinet under the bed. The storage cabinet is easy to cause bacteria, which is equal to put a huge pollution resource. It has to keep dry and clean for the place under the bed.

Type and feature of the bed

There are two common bunk beds for children: the basic one and the lofted one. The basic bed is available for twin over twin. And the lofted bed can loft bed over a study center. You may choose the one according to your children’s need. As to the feature, if your children like to have friends sleep over, the bunk beds with futons or pull out beds are good choice.

Safety guarantee

For the upper bed, the safety aspect is very important. Make sure that the beds meet all the safety requirements such as guardrails and headboard. Meanwhile, you have to carefully explain to your children that they have to observe all the safety rules when using the bunk bed. There is more info at, you may have a check.