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Welcome to Virginia

Virginia was first established by English settlers in 1607 and the 1st of the original 13 colonies. We are located in America's Southern Colony and our geography boasts picturesque mountains, valleys and coastal plains. Our mild climate is perfect for year round farming and recreation. We are blessed with abundant natural resources, including tobacco, fish, cotton, timber and livestock. While most Virginian's practice the Baptist or Anglican faiths, all religions are welcome. Come and make Virginia your home!

Our Rich History

  • The Virginia Colony was the 1st of the original 13 colonies.
  • The 1st Parliamentary form of government in the colonies was known as the House of Burgess which began in 1619.
  • One of the earliest colleges in the colonies, the College of William and Mary, was founded in 1693.
  • From 1650 through 1735 the King's Highway was built bridging the Virginia Colony to the New England colonies.

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