The injustice of bullying.

By:Jacob Holmes

What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of abuse done by peers. It can be physical emotional or even through the internet called cyber bullying. bullying can result in depression, can cause children to become stressed, and in extreme cases of bullying can cause the child to attempt suicide.

Who is affected and why?

Bullying can affect children in elementary schools to teens in high schools. the majority of those affected are girls in there early teens, and may affect the students who are deemed wired, stupid, uncool, or titled "nerds" or other names. In reality a few bullies aren't bad people some are either bullied or they are afraid of being left out.

Why do i want to build this memorial, and my hopes for it.

I want to build this memorial to show that it's never ok to bully. It would show (I hope) that the school is a relatively a bully free zone. I would also like it to serve as a safe zone to be around.

Where I would like it to be.

I would like to put my memorial in front of a school. hopefully in front of a new school, so that it shows the school is (again) bully free.
This concludes my plea for funds for this memorial.