Gifting a Client at Closing

Starting as low as $30 a gift

Send a Closing Gift to Your Client and Keep them Coming Back.

You've spent mega hours with a client, driving them from one location to the next, guiding them through the process and seeing it through to the end. There is nothing more joyous than experiencing that rush of completion when you receive that commission check and the deal is closed. For the customer, the exhilaration comes when the final mortgage agreement paper is signed and the keys are handed over granting them true ownership of the home you helped them find.

Why not finalize that glorious event with a charming and beautiful house warming gift basket from as a thank you for their patronage. And what better time to ask for referrals when they're goggling over your beautiful gift. Our baskets range from $30 ~ $399 and are certain to create a lasting impression with any recipient.

Let be your vendor of choice for all your gifting needs, not just a thank you for your clients. There's nothing better than giving a gift that expresses the true joy for which its been given. So, if you get a chance to kick back and exhale, if only for a brief moment, we'd love to have you stop by and visit our store at (