5 Pictures and Captions

Samantha Cazales

Experiment with Lighting

Best timing to go outside. Since the weather has been clear the past couple of days Samantha (left) and her sister Alexandra (right) decided to make use of the weather. The weather has been at its 70's and we haven't seen great weather since last fall. "Why not take time to enjoy the weather when you never know, tomorrow might be rainy" explained Alexandra.

Shoot Candidly

Micheal Anthony Cazales is finally here! Yvette has been carrying baby Mikey in her belly for 9 months now and he finally came out to see the world at 6:22 p.m on April 19, 2015. Mikey was 5 pounds but very healthy! "Being a single mom for 9 months with this kiddo in my belly was tough, having him was harder but I'm just really glad he's finally here in my arms." explained Yvette.

Alter your Perspective

Reunited together again. After graduating 8th grade last year I finally got the chance to come together again with my friends from Troy. Being in band the past 4 years i got the chance to meet so many new people and some of them being 7th graders, after graduating we didn't have enough time to all come together and hang out anymore. "We all needed this, we haven't seen each other in so long and coming together feels like nothing has ever changed" explained Diego.

Looking off Camera

The Perfect Dress. After searching for about 2 months for a dress I finally found one! A quinceanera is a magical thing in a girls life and I'm glad I'm finally going to be the quinceanera girl! "This dress is nothing like the dress I first wanted but its much more better than that."

Obscure part of your Subject

A big day and surprise for the big boy. Daniel Sanchez was very excited to be celebrating his birthday at Brunswick Zone over the weekend but little did he know that one of the ninja turtles was coming for a visit. His favorite ninja turtle being Mikey came for a visit to wish him happy birthday. "He was so cool! He gave me a big hug too! I want him to come back!" said Daniel.