Mrs. Ross' Weekly Shout Out!

Weeks 2/1-2/5 & 2/8-2/12

Highlights from Last Week:

*Students completed 5 electrical experiments in the Science Lab. They build/explored
  1. Closed circuit
  2. Open circuit
  3. Conductor and insulators of electrical current

* Birthday celebration for a classmate

* Participated in a "fish bowl" professional development activity for a group of VPS teachers (myself included) on Number Talks.

  1. helps children learn fluency and flexibility with problem solving strategies
  2. Fish bowl: a lead teacher facilitates the instruction of children while the teachers observe from outside the group
  3. Lead teacher is a professional developer from the University of Rochester

Upcoming Events & In Gratitiude

* Science Lab instruction will focus on magnetism

* Aesop's Fables Performance

* Valentine's Day Party...please make sure to

  1. send in your child's Valentine's for their friends by Friday
  2. wear red on Friday
  3. if you are doing a craft for the party, please be at school at 12:00 noon

* In Gratitude

  1. for sharing your kiddos with me...they're BRILLIANT (thank you JA for this weeks adjective!)
  2. for the families being to generous with the classroom needs and helping restock the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard....THANK YOU!
  3. for working collaboratively with my students, their families, and my colleagues