by: Aileen Castillo

Pocahontas had a huge influence on Jamestown

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On May 1607, the Virginia Company settlers landed on Jamestown Island to found a colony.

There was a period of peace when Pocahontas and Rolfe married. But after Chief Powhatan died the peace completely died. His brother took over and planned a surprise attack on the English colony.


Pocahontas was born around 1596, but her exact birth date is unknown. She was named "Amounte" but was called Pocahontas for privacy. She was the daughter of Wahuseneca (commonly known as chief Powhatan), a powerful chief. Nothing was written about her mother. She lived in what Powhatan Indians called their homeland, "Werocomoco." When the English arrived at Jamestown Pocahontas was probably around eleven.


Was taught the English ways and was converted to Christianity. Saved John Smith from death and helped the English and natives have a peaceful relationship. Because she helped save Jamestown the English viewed her with gratitude and respect. She also served as a translator between the English and Algonquin words. She helped the English flourish in the "New World."

Contributions to change

One of her forst contributions was John Smith's legendary rescue. Pocahontas also tried to promote peace between the two groups. She converted to English and married John Rolfe trying to bring them together. She was an informer between the two groups and warned the colony for when her father was planning to attack them.

important events

On December 1607, Pocahontas put her life in danger to save John Smith, which created a peaceful relationship. April 1613, Virginia's leader abducted Pocahontas and after a few months of captivity was formally baptized in English culture. Before her abduction it is thought that she was married to Kocoum and had a young son with him. When the English kidnapped her Kocoum was probably killed and their son with another family in the tribe.On June 1616 she married John Rolfe for her release from captivity. He was a tobacco planter that she met during her captivity. Two years later her marriage she journeyed with her husband and young son to England.

interesting facts

Pocahontas was a nickname meaning "the naughty one'' or "spoiled child." Was also known as the "good Indian" because how she saved Jamestown. She had an English name of Rebecca Rolfe when she converted to Christianity. Had a son with John Rolfe named Thomas Rolfe. She met important figures of the time and was used as propaganda for people so they could settle in the New World.She died on March 1617 pneumonia or tuberculosis before she came back to Virginia. When she died, the peace between the English and Powhatan also died along with her.


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