Test Taking Strategies

By:Nicole St.Louis


R- Read the questions and re-read to find the answers.

E- Examine every answer choice before you choose your answer.

L- Label your answer in the passage when you find it.

A- Always check your answer by looking back!

X- X-out answers choices that can't possibly be correct.

Check over your answers

For example: if you write a answer down and write a different answer on the answer sheet (or bubble sheet) you can get points taken off if you don't change the answer.


L- Leave the hard ones for last.

E- Erase and fix your answers when checking your work.

A- Add numbers to the passage (as in number the paragraphs)

R- Read and reread to underline answers you need.

N- Never give up,and do your best!!

Don't fall asleep during the test and...Never Cheat!!!!!