A Sherlock Holmes Collection


Artur Conan Doyle:

Born in 1859, in Edinburgh, he was a british writter and a doctor, who created the famous detective of fiction, Sherlock Holmes. His work includes science-fiction, historic novel, theater and poetry.

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This book is a short novel of mistery.



Elias Openshaw

He was the uncle of John, and the brother of Joseph Openshaw. He went to live in America, he bought a plantation and he became rich. He fought in the Civil War and then he came back to England. During his stay in the USA, he joined the K.K.K. He died because of the K.K.K.

Joseph Openshaw

He was the father of John and the brother of Elias Openshaw. He owned a factory in Coventry and he became rich. Finally, he died because of the K.K.K.

Captain Calhoun

He was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan group that killed John, Joseph and Elias Openshaw. He traveled all around the world, and he was sending the letters from different countries. Finally, he died in the sea, because the ship sank out in the Atlantic Ocean.


This book tells a story of Sherlock Holmes. John Openshaw is a young and rich man that is worried about his life. His uncle and his father died in strange events after receiving a mysterious letter with five orange pips inside it. John Openshaw has received the same letter too, and he knows that he is in danger now. To discover the mystery, he trusts in a very good detective, Sherlock Holmes, who is going to search the guilties throughout London.


I have really liked this story, when you read it, you feel like if you were Sherlock and you must investigate the case. The only part that didn't convince me at all is the end. Personally, I had prefered that the ship would have arrived in the USA and Captain Calhoun would have received the letter and stay in prison, because I think that to stay in prison for the rest of your life is worst than die. But I have enjoyed reading this book.


The Ku Klux Klan has an important roll in this story, and in the history too. The K.K.K. is the name of some associations of extreme right of the USA. It is created in the 1865. It is formed by veterans of the Civil War who wanted to resist to the Reconstruction of the nation. They attacked different social groups and they promoted racism, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-constitutionalism, anti-semitism and white race supremacy.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - 1x15 - The Five Orange Pips