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were dreams begain ITS TRUE

about Graple

this is how the laws are made they go threw our president and government and if they like them it becomes a law.

Who gets to be in charge? PRESIDENT if something happens they elect someone


this is our government you half to be elected but you half to be over the age of 30 and be a citizen of the United States just like our people that try to be elected .

you half to be elected if you want to be choose

Our country is a Republic

there is taxes

what our taxes our used on homeless and military and anything extra we need for our country

Who will half to pay people 21 and older but not homeless.

How much taxes our 1000 dollars a year

if your a newcomer then you will have a background check and if they are good then there aloud to be in our country.

rights you have?to follow the laws or you will go to jail every one has rights if you deiced not to follow them you will be handcuffed and token to jail.