Iron (Fe)

Brenden Gray pd.5 12/22/2015

What is Iron?

Iron's symbol on the periodic table is Fe and its atomic number is 26. Iron in in group 8, period 4. Iron's atomic weight is 55.845, it is shiny with a grey-ish tinge and it's classified as metallic.


The symbol for Iron (Fe) comes from the Latin word Ferrum which means iron. It has been thought that the word Ferrum also comes from other words that mean "holy metal" because iron was used to forge swords during the Crusades. Artifacts made from smelted iron have been found dating back to 3000 B.C.


As I said before iron was used to forge swords back in the crusades. In modern times iron has certain magnetic properties and very stable nuclei that give it lots of uses. It is used in cars and for buildings that are built to be very strong.

Description and properties

Iron is metallic and lustrous (shiny) and it has a grey-ish tinged color. Iron atoms have very stable nuclei, some magnetic properties, and a melting point of 1538 °C.


Iron is in haemogoblin which is used to carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream.


Iron is found in meteorites called siderites, iron is also found in many types of stars.

Interesting Facts About Iron

  • Iron is never found by itself (as a free metal) naturally.
  • Iron is found in magnetite which makes black sand on some beaches.
  • Iron as a pure metal corrodes very quickly.
  • Isotopes of Iron have been used in many nutritional studies.
  • Iron is a key component of haemoglobin.