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Eastwood Local Schools- January 2016

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Wood County Youth Olympics Volunteers Needed!!

The Wood County Youth Olympics is searching for volunteers. The event is on March 12th at BGSU Perry Field House. You can sign up for either the AM session (8:00am-12:30pm) or the PM session (1:30pm- 6:00pm). If you feel real ambitious, you can sign up for both sessions! The day is filled with fun and competition.

To sign up go to www.woodcountyprosecutor.org and scroll down to the bottom.

In the past we have received the Gold Medal School Volunteer Award. Last year we lost it to Otsego. Can we get it back this year? Spread the word about volunteering!

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Wood County Youth Olympics Kick Off Event

On Wednesday January 20th, all 4th and 5th graders were introduced to what the Wood County Youth Olympics was all about. Jessica Schulte and Hannah Jacobs informed the students what to expect on the day of and how to register. The students left pumped and excited about the Wood County Youth Olympics.

TI Changes It's Name!

Teen Institute is searching for something new. Members have decided to change the clubs name to One Step Ahead. The purpose of the group will stay the same in trying to promote a positive healthy lifestyle by being drug and alcohol free.

One Step Ahead Members Become JTI Leaders

Students in the One Step Ahead(OSA) group have started taking leadership roles. Every Junior Teen Institute meeting will be lead by two to three OSA members. The JTI members look up to the high school students and love seeing what they are up to.

On January 5th, Kara Ameling and Sarah Bettinger ran their second JTI group. This week they decided to use the Human Knot experience to gain team building skills, problem solving skills, and communication skills among a group of people.

On January 14th, Alexandra Brockschmidt and Matty Rollo came up with an activity that involved Hershey Kisses. The relay they created was to open a Hershey Kiss with winter gloves on. The first time the teams were not wearing gloves so they could tell a difference. For some groups they thought it was easier and other groups had a difficult time opening the Hershey. The purpose of this activity was to have the JTI members think about what it is like to have a new variable added to a similar situation.

Save The Date: JTI Retreat is coming!

On April 15th, our annual JTI retreat will be held at Otsego Middle School from 4:30-9:30pm. This is an event for all JTI members in Wood County. You can look forward to meeting new people, team building, games, motivating and encouraging activities, good food, and FUN!!! There will be transportation from Eastwood to Otsego and back.

If you or your child are interested in attending please let Miss Jacobs (hjacobs@eastwoodschools.org) know and she can get you more details as the event comes closer.


Wood County Youth Olympics

Saturday, March 12th, 8:30am-7pm

801 North Mercer Road

Bowling Green, OH

"The purpose of the Wood County Youth Olympics is to demonstrate that competition does not have to result in violence. Through this program, Wood County youth are given the opportunity to compete in a conflict free environment. In addition, the Youth Olympics strives to demonstrate the importance of individual accountability and personal excellence.

The Wood County Youth Olympics is an annual event that was created in 1999. It is held every March on the campus of Bowling Green State University. The event is open to 500 4th and 5th grade students who attend school or reside in Wood County. Participants from different school districts are paired together in teams to facilitate cooperation and team work. The Youth Olympics are coordinated with the assistance of community volunteers, including elected officials, law enforcement officers, and school personnel."

Retrieved from: http://prosecutor.co.wood.oh.us/cycle/streetwise/youth-olympics/

Wood County Educational Service Center

TI is IT

Teen Institute (TI) is a drug free leadership program for high school students. Through the program, students develop the skills to become a positive leader within their schools and communities. Students are also equipped with the knowledge and abilities to not only make positive choice for themselves , but also to encourage their peers to make healthy decisions.

JTI is the middle school version of TI.

February OSA Meetings:

Tuesday , February 2nd before school

Tuesday , February 9th before school

Tuesday , February 16th before school

Tuesday , February 23rd before school

February JTI Meetings:

Tuesday, February 9th AA

Thursday, February 23rd AA

Wood County Prevention Education

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On-Site Prevention Office

My name is Hannah Jacobs. I am the On-Site Prevention Specialist for Eastwood Local Schools. I am in the district every Tuesday and Thursday.

My Responsibilities:

  • Problem Identification (Referrals: Behavior, ATOD use, social support)
  • Life Skills Education Classes in HS
  • Class Action Education Classes in HS
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer
  • Teen Institute Advisor
  • Junior Teen Institute Advisor