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Information On Nick

This poster is about Nick Cunningham a Sergeant in the New York Army National Guard in the 1156 ENG CO. Vertical, and his job is a Construction and Masonry Engineer. Cunningham graduated from Montrey Peninsula College in 2005 and Boise State University in 2008 with a degree in Communications. While at BSU he was an elected team captain for the track team. When he is not bobsledding, Cunningham enjoys football, track, surfing, and rodeo. His favorite sliding memory is accepting his first gold medal and standing on top of the podium with the National Anthem being played. Since coming into Bobsleigh Nick nickname has been "Hamster" because he is small and he tears up the track. Nick is recently in the Sochi Olympics this is his second appearance in an Olympics .

The Beginning of Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh began in Saint Mortiz the in late 1860s, but then bobsleigh were first raced on icy grounds and icy passes. The world's first Bobsleigh club was located also in Saint Mortiz, Switzerland in 1897 in which teams would get timed on a course that is narrow, twisted, banked and iced track all in a gravity powered sled. Swiss Attached two skeleton sleds together and add A steering mechanism to make a toboggan. An chassis was added to give protection to wealthy tourist who wanted to bobsleigh and who was bobsledding for the first time. This is how bobsleigh started and became popular.

The Age Of Bobsleigh

This Video Shows the beginning of Bobsleigh to Vancouver in 2010.
Bobsleigh Through The Ages - Olympic Highlights

The Sled

The sled is an aerodynamic machine made of fiberglass and steel, mounted on four highly polished steel runners. The two front runners have approximately three inches of lateral movement and are attached to ropes held by the driver, who steers the sled. The brake handles are located on either side of the brakeman in the four-man sled and in front of the brakeman in the two-man sled. The temperature of the steel runners is taken electronically immediately prior to each race. Heating the runners is illegal. At the finish line, the sled and crew are weighed to ensure they are below the maximum weight. The maximum Length 2.70m to 3.80m not that long. the Maximum Width is 0.67m not of space but it enough for them to get the job done. The Maximum is 390kg to 630kg so that means that all the sleds has to be at this weight. This for two men and four men sleds.
This is about Nick Cunningham being one of the three from Idaho to make it to the Olympics. For more info click title above.

Nick Cunningham's Achievements in 2013-2014

  • 2013-2014 World up in four-man 12th in Calgary (11/30), 15th in Park City (12/8), 17th in Lake Placid (12/15), 12th in Winterberg #1 (1/4), 16th in Winterberg #2 (1/5), 4th in Igls (1/19), 10th in Koenigssee (1/26)
  • 2013-2014 World Cup in two-man 10th in Calgary (11/30), SILVER in Park City (12/7), BRONZE in Lake Placid #1 (12/13), SILVER in Lake Placid #2 (12/14), 12th in Winterberg (1/3), 11th in St. Moritz (1/11), 15th in Igls (1/18), 6th in Koenigssee (1/25)

Meeting Nick Cunningham

The video below is a sponsorship of Nick Cunningham and why he loves to Bobsleigh for the USA.
USA Bobsled/Skeleton: Meet Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham First Bobsleigh Podium

In 2012 Nick Cunningham and his USA team won their first third place in the FIBT Mens World Cup by 0.7 seconds; not much but was a good enough time for them to win third.
American Cunningham gets first Bobsled podium - Universal Sports

Nick Cunningham Crashing

This video shows how dangerous bobsleigh can be going at 90 mph Nick Cunningham and his three man team crashes At Saint Moritz.
Cunningham crashes in 4-Man Bobsled at St. Moritz - Universal Sports

Behind the scenes of Sochi with Nick Cunningham

This video is just about Nick Cunningham and Dallas Robinson telling some things about there Sochi experience.
Behind the scenes with U.S. bobsledders Nick Cunningham and Dallas Robinson

Does Nick Cunningham think America is bullying Russia?

Nick Cunningham tweeted yesterday: Nick Cunningham ‏@BOBSLEDR 18h

"Picking on someone cause they are different or don't do things the way you do is considered bullying, right? American media bullying Russia?" If "bullying" sticking up for equality, then yes, American media is bullying Russia because discrimination is wrong, no matter where it occurs; different rules about homosexuals or Gay marriages and mistreating humans is wrong. Moscow, Russia gay population lives in secret and city has few gay clubs. A man by the name of Pavel Petel says that the gay banned is making him lose business. Is it wrong for America to approach the subject like they did? Yes in my opinion because we have part of the US that still banns gay marriages and Russia doesn't bash us like we bashed them in the media. We even started to think if it was safe to have the Olympic. Tell me what you think about this subject Click Here.

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The Helping Hands of Nick Cunningham

On February 17, 2014 ­ After losing in the two men bobsleigh to Russia Nick

Cunningham and Johnny Quinn helps Lolo Jones and the women team get their bags and take them to the track in the pouring rain. Lolo Jones tweets”Saw @JohnnyQuinnUSA and @BOBSLEDR walking in the rain, carrying Womens Team bags and runners to the track for our race tonight.Thxs guys!”

This just shows after losing something that's as important as the Olympics his lifelong

dream he didn't get discouraged instead he encouraged and helped out his follow female teammates. After helping them he replies to her tweet by saying “@lolojones

@JohnnyQuinnUSA One team, men's or women's, we all wear USA on our back! Kill it tonight! #TeamUSA @USOlympic.” How many times did you as a person get discouraged after losing something so important. Some people sit around dwelling thinking about it over ten times in their head wondering what they could have did better.

Nick is showing his leadership from his Army experience and also for his

encouragement. Encouragement is great for anyone it helps people complete challenges that they never thought they could complete. Encouragement builds confidence that may help you win an event. Nick Cunningham did something that all people should do which is encourage and help others.

Nick Cunningham Olympic Results

In the Two man his result was 13th and 1:53.80 not one of his best times for the the first day. Day 2 his results was still 13th but his combine time was 3:47.69. For Four man it was a little better he came in a 11th and at 1:51. February 22 day 1 of the four man placed his team and him 11th 1:51.09. Day 2 his team and him qualified at 12 in 3:42.70 for the final day it was a disappointing lost but he and his team had fun and it was a great experience.