BAHS Sunshine Club

Because sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine

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Meet the Chairs

Mission/ Goals

{In one Breath} To boost and enhance the staff camaraderie and morale as we interact in a casual atmosphere that will allow us to spread positivity and support for all those in need of our awesome metaphorical sunshine.

We will present encouraging opportunities for faculty to meet and interact in a way that is fun and free from stress, which will trigger a catalyst for warm and fuzzy feelings to seep throughout the building, resulting in an explosion of renewed minds, bodies, and spirits…. Plus we have good coffee.


Members are required to:
  • Be a BAHS Staff/Faculty member
  • Eliminate, if not, decrease talk of work/scholar interactions while engaging in Sunshine Activities. {We love our kids but this is more for us}
  • Come in with a positive outlook; negativity breeds negativity
  • Have fun and be honest and open for any opportunities to help us improve!
  • Pay $30.00 Sunshine fee (for the remaining of 2015-2016 school year) due by FrIday Jan 8, 2016

Member Benefits

Monthly Birthday Cake/Celebration, Monthly Teacher breakfasts’
Raffles & Prizes, Pre-Planned Social Events
A renewed sense of hope and cheer, Complimentary Welcome Gift
New colleague relationships, Opportunities to decompress
“Biggest Loser” entry fee *if interested,

Staff Collection for Life Events:*Weddings/Baby/Funeral flowers…etc
Fulfilled Toiletry Contribution (*4th floor staff)
Access to Monthly Newsletter
Sharing of Recipes/Lesson Plans/Parenting Tips, Book Club Membership
Unlimited access to Optimism...and MORE!

Upcoming Events

Holiday Party! Monday, December 21st

(In lieu of meeting, we will meet at location TBD) 2:30-?

Dirty Snowflake Tuesday, December 22nd

Location: BAHS Library