Athletes and drugs

by: Dylan Deardurff

Are Illegal Drug Inhancements the Right Path for Athletes?

No it's not! Athletes should not take illegal drugs to make them perform better because it takes away so much value from the sport that they play. It's not fair to the athlete's who solely work hard on getting better when there are guys or girls out there in their sport cheating their way to the top.

If illegal enhancements are someday allowed now then what will records mean?

If somehow professional sports or even the Olympics start allowing illegal drug enhancements records will mean nothing. Baseball is a great example of a sport that has it records ruined by steroid users. Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez are perfect examples as some type of record holder using steroids making it seemingly unfair to any other baseball players who haven't cheated to chase after those records. According to Baseball Reference Barry bonds is the career leader in homeruns followed by A-Rod at fourth on the list. This is a prime example of illegal drug enhancements ruining the game by letting cheaters rule the record books!

Some exampls of illegal drug enhancement users...

The first video below reviews the topic and the second video reviews my side of the arguement.
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