By: Veronica Roth

Pages: 324

"One choice can destroy your future."

This book is written in 1st person in Tris's point of view.


Tris and Tobias are at the Amity headquarters for safety from the Erudite, when they are chased back to the Dauntless compound. There Tris really understands the raw power of Jeanine Matthews, the Erudite leader. Then from there, the Dauntless non-traitors go to Abnegation where they team up with the factionless to overthrow Erudite and create a different government style. When Tobias goes to fight without Tris, she sides with his father that was horrible to him. When they get to the Erudite compound, Tris and Tobias's dad Marcus fight through the compound to Jeanine Matthews and she gets assasinated. The new government is soon to be decided.


The theme in this novel is to not try to get more than you already have. When Jeanine Matthews tried to conquer everywhere she ended up being killed.

We all have a little natural greediness in ourselves, but you get what you can and if you try to get more, most of the time you will have bad consequences. I'm not saying you will get murdered like Jeanine Matthews, but small consequences. An example is if you have money but you want more and you steal it, there are consequences. The consequence there would be that you would go to jail. A way to apply it to your life, is imagine the other person when they have nothing and you have twice as much as you are supposed to. That can sometimes subside the greediness.