Cold War & Bomb Shelters

By: Ben Kasten and Travis Thomas

Private Bomb Shelters

Private bomb shelters like the one to the right were a common sight during the cold war. Many families preferred to have there own bomb shelters in their backyards or under their house instead of using the public ones available. These fallout shelters were meant to protect you and your family during any certain circumstances that it would be dangerous to be above ground. They were mainly used as a fallout shelter to protect you in case of a nuclear attack. The Atomic Bomb is an example. And whenever it is called a "nuclear" or "atom" bomb or attack that means that after the bomb, the land will be riddled with radiation, which is very harmful for the human body to be exposed to. So these shelters by being under ground would be able to keep you out of the dangerous radiation. Some of these shelters were complex and some of these shelters were basic. They usually had sleeping quarters for multiple people and they were stocked with food and water that could supply a family for months on end. During the 1950's these were a safety necessity that people and families felt comfortable that they could rely on so when the attack came they would be prepared and ready.

School Children

Children in school were taught to "duck and cover" whenever a bomb flash went off. However there were many false alarms because they couldn't determine what the flash came from. The standard proceedure was to crawl under the desk and protect your body. In today's times we know that would have done absolutely nothing.

Impact on the Decade

Although no bombs were dropped on the U.S, bomb shelters were very important. It made the people feel at ease and feel safe in the event of a bomb. Even if "duck and cover" didn't work it made people feel safe because they had a plan. Because we had a plan we were able to expand on that plan and make it safer and better.

Connection to Today and Solutions for the Future

During the 1950's people lived in fear of a nuclear attack happening between the U.S and Russia. U.S. citizens would build fallout shelters for assurance of having a safe haven to fall back to and that could sustain them and their families in case of a nuclear strike on the U.S. We still see this today, we see it in movies, tv shows (doomsday preppers). People all believe in different theories that could end our world. It is greatly depicted in the tv show. It takes multiple people and it describes their beliefs on how how they are prepping and what they feel they are needing to prep for. People are still building fallout shelters today to have a fallback to sustain them in case of a nuclear fallout.

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